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  1. Dan Morgan

    I see he's rated in the top 15 on most sites but he's had a history of getting hurt. My local draft was Saturday; we get to start up to 4 LBs. I have Z. Thomas, Peterson, Brooking and Morgan. What is the opinion on Morgan, can he stay healthy and does he have potential to be a top 10 LB?
  2. 8 man leagues

    That seems to be a common perception around here. If you play in anything less than a 12 team league, you aren't in a serious league and should be ashamed or something. I don't get that. While I prefer 12 team leagues, my local is only 10 and it's very competitive. All 10 of us are playing by the same rules and with the same pool of players, so I don't see why there should be any stigma that we aren't in a "serious" league.

    I think the "hook up" is stupid, the practice of looking for it in drafts and the discussion of it in general.

    My keeper league used Fox last year and we quit because they are a disaster. We just had our draft and moved the league to MFL. Looks okay so far, though a bit bland. But if everything works like it's supposed to, after our nightmare with Fox last year, we'll take it.
  5. Defensive Flex position

    Good stuff, thanks! I'll keep an eye on him in my other IDP leagues.
  6. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    Unions suck. I work for a telecom company and our techs are unionized. Half of them are completely brain dead but are protected simply because of their length of service. It is embarrassing to get on a call with a multi million dollar customer to turn up a new T3 line or whatever, and the tech can barely perform the job. Meanwhile whenever there are layoffs, the decision is made strictly based on length of service...and we've lost some of the most dedicated, intelligent technicians as a result. The longer these people are in the union, the less motivated they become and the less valuable they are to the company. They do the bare minimum to get by. The newer people are still learning and have some enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Drives management crazy, but there is nothing we can do. Of course every 3 years when their contract comes up for renewal, these idiots like to get together and demonstrate, wearing their matching t-shirts with union slogans and chanting their stupid gripes and threatening to strike. Of course the company reaches an agreement with them every time. I would love it if we could break them. Go ahead and strike you idiots, get lost and don't come back. We'd be hurting for about 3 months but I'm convinced we'd gain millions in productivity over the long haul. My guess is at least half of them would cross the picket line and sign on as non-union workers, and we could pick and choose which ones to hire back. This has nothing to do with football, I just had to vent about unions.
  7. What a crazy preseason

    I'm really glad that to see the TO and LJ developments, as they are owned by two of the stronger teams in my keeper league. Now I'm offering sacrifices to the fantasy gods to keep Tiki and Cadillac healthy, to make this the year that Wayne surpasses Harrison, or at least approaches his TD total this year, for Eli to live up to the hype, Shockey to stay healthy and be the top tier TE he's supposed to be, and for one of these WRs to win the battle for my #3 WR slot: B. Edwards, A. Bryant, B. Llloyd, Keyshawn. If these things happen, I like my chances this season.
  8. Defensive Flex position

    You had to mention that name. The commish drafted him around the 20th round and had a smug look on his face. Half the room hadn't heard of him. Let me guess, he's been lighting up the preseason?
  9. Most Intriguing/Difficult Draft Ever?

    The commish in our local league recruited this guy from his soccer team to take over an orphan team. This guy has never played fantasy football before and kept asking about Davis. I think he must have had an old cheat sheet and didn't understand why no one was drafting him. I felt bad for the guy since he's likely tossing $100+ down the crapper, so I looked him in the eye and very seriously explained that Davis had knee surgery back in December and is still having major issues. The knee is still swelling up, he's not practicing because of the pain, they don't know when he'll ever play this year...and this guy still took him at 3.1, over Parker, Chester Taylor, Foster and Droughns.
  10. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    Then don't play football. The players know the risks, and the vast majority make out very well. Other sports throw millions away on players that don't earn it. The NFL is a better product because it doesn't.
  11. Defensive Flex position

    Wow I thought this was a good question. One reply, weak man, very weak.
  12. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    What are the odds of getting Shanahan to join the Huddle and post his latest thoughts on the RB depth chart on an hourly basis? I'm sure DMD would waive the site fee...
  13. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    Didn't think so....
  14. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    A more accurate statement would be, other major sports teams get ripped off by their players relative to the NFL. The NFL pays their players very well, but only the ones who produce. That's how the rest of the employment market works, why should football be any different? You already pointed out how stupid the MLB and NBA policies are, yet you seem to imply that the NFL should be more like them??? Don't you see that the NFL is the most popular sport because of the parity created by the salary cap and non guaranteed money?
  15. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    The minimum rookie salary is $477,000. Multiply that by 3 years, you have $1,431,000. If you make $50,000 per year, it would take you 28 years to make that much money. I'm not saying they don't deserve that money. I'm saying they don't deserve a guaranteed contract if they fail to live up their end of the bargain. For every LT or Alexander that comes out of college, there is are 20 guys who never live up to their potential and are out of the NFL in a year or two. You and I aren't paying $70 a ticket to watch them not play, so why should a team pay them anything at all? Aren't the fans better served by having all that money go toward the best players on the field? Or would you rather pay double for your ticket to watch a team who can't afford to field the best roster because they are forced to pay a bunch of scrubs guaranteed money to ride the pine? Are you willing to see the quality of play deteriorate so that every lazy, overhyped, injury prone scrub coming out of college doesn't get "raped" by having his contract terminated because he can't cut it in the pros?????
  16. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    They get paid handsomely to take those risks. More than enough to save for retirement, or for an education (if they didn't get one in college) to start a second career after the NFL. As for getting injured, no one is twisting their arms to play the game. And the vast majority of players don't get paralyzed. Many do have nagging issues like arthritis, but again, they know the risks going in. If they aren't smart enough to save and invest all that money, it's their own fault. MLB has become a joke. Many people don't watch anymore, myself included. Why should the NFL model themselves after a system that doesn't work? You just pointed out the ridiculous situation with Giambi...should he be treated like he has been, or more like Onterrio? Which sport is sending the correct message to its players and fans about acceptable behavior? Riiiiiiight....let's throw parity out the window. The big market teams get all the talent while the small market teams struggle year in and year out. Why should MLB be the only joke sport? Let's lower the bar for all sports, and take away the best aspects of the NFL game and make it a joke too. Also I fail to see how getting paid $500,000 to 5 million or more per year to play a game is considered rape. The guy flipping burgers makes a tiny fraction of that and often doesn't even have health insurance. A pro athlete has every opportunity to hire financial advisers to take care of that fat salary and ensure they have a lucrative retirement. If they fail to do so, and their career is cut short because of injury, well that was a stupid move. No one needs 7 cars and a 15,000 SF house.
  17. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    Sorry, I don't feel sorry for an athlete who makes 30 to 50 times more than the average working person, right from their rookie year. That's even a guy making the league minimum. If you're too short sighted to invest a good chunk of that big salary and opt instead to buy 7 cars and a phat house so you can show it off on MTV, you have no one to blame but yourself. It would kill the NFL game if contracts were guaranteed, there are too many busts who never make an impact at the pro level. Teams would go broke paying those guys and the level of competition would sink like a rock. The median starting salary in the NFL is enough to live on confortably for a long time if invested properly. The problem is these young guys think they are invincible and spend the money like it's never going to run out.
  18. Frat Party at MIT

    Will this be available for replay??
  19. Gates / Wayne

    I wouldn't even consider that deal if you were offering Reggie Brown. For McCardell, laughable...
  20. When do you target your #2 QB?

    I value both QB picks higher than some, but not as high as the guys who go after Manning in the 1st round. I've been targeting guys like Eli, Palmer, Brady around the 4th round and backups like Delhomme, McNair, Plummer around the 8th or 9th. It all depends on how quickly my favored backups are going off the board. I like to end up with 2 guys I can start with confidence. I find that there are more free agent sleepers at WR and RB than QB...the starters are set in stone for the most part and are less affected by injuries than the other positions.
  21. Who is Bryant Gumbel?

    I also can't stand Gumbell. On Real Sports I hate how he quizzes the correspondents after each story as if he's their professor. Then he has to offer up his pearls of wisdom at the end of each show, as if we care what's in his petty little mind. What a pompous, pseudo-intellectual a$$wipe. And I agree that he got away with the Olympic comment, and he'll get away with this, for a very unfortunate reason. It's one of the ass-backwards aspects of political correctness that we have to endure in today's society. Also Gumbel is completely dishonest with his rhetoric. He's should be smart enough to know why salary caps and non-guaranteed contracts are a blessing for the NFL. Look at the mess that is MLB. But Gumbell sucks up to a certain contingent so he can "keep it real" and maintain his credibility with that segment. It's so transparent.
  22. Arizona Homers Please

    I wouldn't want to own him, Edge, Boldin or Fitz if/when Warner does down. Besides the usual rookie struggles, I see him having a cocky attitude to overcome, not to mention going from above average protection in college to a below average o-line in Arizona, and the fastest pass rushers he's seen yet. He did not look good at USC in the rare instances where he had to get rid of the ball quickly. Lots of balls thrown at receivers' feet. I think he's in a for a rude awakening and will struggle mightily should he have to start this year. Obviously I'm much more pessimistic on him than most.
  23. Drew owners fear Romo?

    Man, I hope not. I took Bledsoe in one league and I've been talking a LOT of smack already.