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  1. Roundup garden sprayer, useless after one season, the nozzle is like a 95 year old man trying to squeeze out a leak. Various tools like rakes/hoes, the heads slip right off the handle if I'm trying to rip out ivy or even working in tough soil. I've had cheap wooden handles break too. Anything to connect to a garden hose, I'm lucky to get a season's worth of use out of them at best, whether it's a sprinkler, nozzle/wand, shutoff, etc. It leaks and/or falls apart. Bought their "best" heavy-duty loppers, the plastic hand grips slide off when I'm using them. I take pretty good care of this stuff, don't subject it to anything out of the ordinary, but it's just garbage. I think the Chinese must laugh their asses off when they load this crap on the boat. I'm finding I have to go online and get high-end contractor grade stuff just to last more than one season. Do they think homeowners don't use tools more than once a year?! Sons of bitches.
  2. There are two types of people in the world, those with short attention spans and

  3. There are two types of people in the world, those who have narcolepsy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. There are two types of people in the world -- I forget the first kind, but the second kind is racists.

  5. 4000 square feet of gorgeous, emerald green fescue takes hard work.

  6. Turkey wrap for lunch, wait...tuna?