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  1. favorite football announcer

    Madden is the absolute bast. I never liked him before I heard him on Sirius. It dawned on me how he dumbs himself down for a less knowledgeable viewer base, because when he's just talking football, with the Sirius crew, he's completely ingenious, and on top of his game. So after I noticed that, i really started to listen to him, and he can tell what plays are coming up and explains them in a way that is pure magic. He's even better with Al at his side. They are the cream of the crop and nobody compares. Jaws with Dick Vermeil is a good combo, and quite entertaining, but id' take robots or ticker over the MNF crew.
  2. Best NE Patriot tattoo yet...

    my guess is he only has the one arm, and had to use his foot to actually do the tat.
  3. surprise team this year

    I have to vote the Cards. Yah yah, they always suck, but Green is finally gone () and we can all agree that Leinart has the "it" factor. Granted, he might try to soak up too much too soon, and get the yips, but he's proven himself on the biggest of stages before, and the Edge is really REALLY aching for a breakin... edit: I like the Eagles too. I know they're not a bottom feeder, but no one expected them to win the division last year, and not alot are picking them to win the div again...
  4. This tattoo looks like it's been playing with the cancer Moss for a season or two... http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x318/le...oo_bigdogz6.jpg at least it's looks better than their record will...
  5. that was too much...
  6. Vince Young works out with WRs

    wow. I'm shocked that commitment. Good for TEN fans no doubt. I wonder if David Carr did that yet?
  7. Vick is all done

    He's done. the new commish has a definite plan for the league, and it's been VERY apparent throughout his decisions and disciplinary actions thus far. Vick is as dead as one of his dogs...
  8. Vick is all done

  9. Vick is all done

    it wasn't enough anyway. I've said it before and I'll say it until Vick is officially gone... As a Panther fan, I couldn't hope for a better QB at the helm of a division rival...although Joey is CLOOOOOOOOOOOSE second....
  10. Vick is all done

    i completely agree with this. I've never tortured an animal, and I dont believe watching a dog fight and enjoying it would desensitize me to the point of being able to murder someone or even hurt someone for my own personal gain (physical or otherwise). I dont believe it would make me a bad person to be interested in this. My problem is with watching (at the very VERY VERY minimum) 37 dogs die or be "put down" due to your own enjoyment. He obviously didn't need the money. It was OBVIOUSLY about the "action" and the "get off" factor of it. When the dust settles and the audience leaves, and you're left with several bloody, dead and/or dying dogs on your property that need to be disposed of in a manner that OBVIOUSLY hides your involvement in said actions, ther's something wrong. When you are a role model/celebrity at a local and NATIONAL level of the highest caliber, you need to hold yourself to much higher standards. Does this mean preach on sundays? no. Does this mean donate all your money? no. Does this mean removing yourself from torturing a living, breathing creature and hiding it?
  11. Vick is all done

    i can too, but this goes alot deeper than simply fighting dogs. this is a form of torture. To get these dogs mean enough to fight at the level of a dog-fighter IS torture in itself. To have them fight to the point of death is torture. And How many of those dogs were probably not dead, but were now useless due to an eyeball being bitten out? or their scrotum being torn or throat being HALFWAY ripped out? and most importantly... How many children idolize NFL players and Vick especially? How many times has a child said "i wish I end up JUST LIKE HIM"? edit: and I am no more of a dog or animal lover than "usual". I hunt, I fish. I hate PITA...I'm not really fond of cats...I like non-annoying dogs. This is beyond that. This is about people, children and moral responsibilities of people who are constantly in the eye of the public. Role models and those are FILTHY RICH...
  12. Vick is all done

    I've read some good comments on here (Menudo, PD, jjpro) and some seriously wacked out ones backing this tremendously terrible horrid person... I truthfully hope that the people that are too blind to accept Vick's role in this stop frequenting this board, because this is not even a debatable thing. I would not want to even convert anyone from a Vick-backer to Vick-hater on this. If you support this guy, or honestly do not believe he had any role in this, I really hope to never see you again. This is the lowest of the low. The worst of the worse. Whether he ran the show and had his own dogs fighting while he threw massive amounts of money around betting, or just let his cousin use his house, he deserves to a) never play another NFL game for the rest of his pitiful life (he certainly doesn't deserve a long one at that) and jail time with the worst criminals this country has ever seen. I am sad for ATL fans, and Vick supporters who have been misled by this guy. And I was NEVER a Vick hater...but I can't think of anyone I hate more right now... I'm not on a soap box, I'm genuinely upset by this low-life and some of the comments on this board by people who are too macho to admit they've been duped.
  13. Top 3 Contest

    ahem Ready to collect
  14. New Professional Football League

    so because we dont watch NFL Europe, we should forget that the AFL, the USFL were relatively successful, and the XFL had many die hard fans until Vince couldn't handle having something not scripted? um...ok