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  1. Who would you start as a flex player?

    Mike Bell is being reported inactive at several other sites.
  2. Terry Glenn Out

    Hence the reason Patrick Crayton is being picked up faster than pork product at a hot dog eating contest.
  3. Bench #85 Chad Johnson?

    Im starting Lee Evans and L.Coles,,, Chad can take a seat until he can start putting up some numbers. Which at this rate, may be too late. I would rather take a for sure 10 pts from a guy like Evans, than hope like hell that Chad busts one out. At this point I would even trade him for Housh straight up...

    dude, pass whatever your smoking my direction please,,, thats not getting ripped off, thats getting beat over the head for 5 hours, a fistula, and forced to eat a dooky sandwich. Please!!
  5. Sorry dude, you can start hurling right about now,, tough break though. Westbrook has just been announced out for this game, and Buckhalter gets the gig. drag
  6. gotta decide between one of these three WR,s.... please help,, Ill anser yours... thanks and good luck.. :doah:
  7. I know this is another thread about cheating commishes, but I just couldnt believe this has been taking place, and who knows for how long,,, just caught it during the friggin palyoffs. The software we use "MFL" apparently allows commisioners to go in and delete transaction records. I noticed throughout the season that our commsih would always change his line-ups, before the deadline, sometimes leving up to 5 line-up submissions in the transaction records. I just figured the guy was kind of an indecisive freak, that couldnt make up his mind and I didnt really think to much about it. Until.... the first week of the playoffs when everything is on the line.... I am talking 3000k here .... at stake here in this 8 yr vet. keeper league. OK... so I notice that his line-up ,just before kick off of the first game... (our deadline)... he has Willis McGahee in as one of his starting RB's, and when I go back at halftime to check the live scoring,,, I discover that Moates has somehow been inserted into his lineup. I then went back to the transaction records, and it appeared that about two of his 5 line-up transaction records werent there anymore, like they had disappeared!! Upon further research, I discovered that commisheners have the ability, with this software, to delete TRANSACTION RECORDS,,for crying out loud!! Why should transaction records of line-ups,, or for that matter any transaction ever be able to be deleted? If you are confused, I apologize, and will simplify this mess... What the commish has been doing, and for who only know how long, is submitting multiple line-up records, and then when one of his lineups is producing the best, he goes back and deletes the other lineup submissions so that only the lineup is left of the players he went back in and inserted...... DUDE,,, I cant believe I caught this ##### guy pulling this crap.... I plan on exposing the bastage at our anual awards ceremony, after he wins yet again for the past three season in a row...... bastage!!!! cheating dog!!!! FF software should not allow transaction deletions without record...!!!

    Going nuts trying to decide between Favre and Bledsoe,,, also Willis McGahee vs Greg Jones??
  9. Keeper League Commish's

    Look,, it shouldnt matter how players are aquired, either drafted, waiver wire, or traded for,,,,, keepers should be kept out of the end of the season roster. In my league, once an owner is no longer able to advance, his team is locked down, so he cant make any trades, waiver wire moves. When the season is officially over for the entire league, and after all rosters are locked down,, owners must submit their designated keepers at a pre-defined date,,, usually 1 week before our annual draft.
  10. top 10 RB's

    The original question was " top ten RB's as of right now, if the draft were today", I would still draft TJ ahead of Benson if the draft were today , despite his current injury, which shouldnt keep him sidelined very long,,,,, I guess it also would make a huge difference if this was a keeper or re-draft.
  11. top 10 RB's

    OOPS,,, forgot about LJ,, now that Holmes is done, I gotta wedge LJ in there somewhere around 4 or 5.
  12. top 10 RB's

    I dont even have Portis in my list... its a ppr list and I only pay .5 per. LT SA EJ Jordan Jackson Westbrook Tiki Barber Thomas Jones McGahee Dunn
  13. D. Davis update

    Just my gut instinct,, so take it for that, JMO,,,,, but DD will play sunday,, bank on it. Now for how long he will be able to stay in the game is another issue, but I would suggest starting him unless you are deep enough to go with another or you were fast/lucky enough to get Staley off waivers.
  14. From the CrockPot-Week 10

    Here in Colorado I use Elk tenderloins cut into small chunks, and ground venison for the meat. But my trick is using several different types of red chilis. I use a dark new mexico red, as well as several others including a little bit of a smoked chipotle chili that I had shipped back from Mexico last year. End result is a very rich tasting, very warm, ans satisfying bowl of red.
  15. Im starting Johnson this week and benching Jurivicious,,,, I know, he's no McCardell, but I just need someone to go off to beat the #1 team this week, and Im rolling the dice that the Seattle/ Arizona game will be a high scoring afair. Im hoping Johnson goes off with Boldin on the bench.