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  1. Sleepers

    To RTS: I believe your receiver from New Orleans is Terrence COPPER recently out of Dallas
  2. Huddler Nation-Year 2

    I would like to play in your league. Tell me what to now.
  3. Comparing CPep and Palmer's injuries

    I don't know who Bronco Billy is but he sure has a way of antagonizing folks. This was such a great thread until he interjected his "ludicrous" into it. It is not so much the way he presents things but how he characterizes his criticism. In an attempt to be concisely critical he has made statements that imply things that are not necessarily true or completely accurate. He has tried several more posts to explain what he really meant, etc. They, I think did clarify some of what he really meant but it was a little tardy. I'll say this, that anyone who has not experienced major surgery can know much about the care, providing and expense that goes with it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is not an unusual expense for anyone needing big time surgery. Regardless of who pays for it, things are done with the best possible attention and care available. When a multi-million dollar athlete is the patient there is no doubt that somewhere along the recovery process he may receive some more experienced and usually intensive therapy, etc. But to tell that fellow that his statements were ludicrous, was in my opinion uncalled for and speaks poorly for Bronco Billy and his understanding of the events mentioned.
  4. Trade Talks: Lelie to....Dallas?!?!?

    The Cowboy's need a wide out like they need a hole in the head. They had receivers all over the field tonight and even if Crayton got nicked they are still okay in backups. I'm also wondering what makes everyone on this board think it is okay to highjack the thread and go anywhere they want with it. Start your own thread if you've got a different idea.
  5. Very nice, timely and appreciated.
  6. Well We're Back at it again, aren't we....

    I wish everyone would stop bad mouthing Owens. Everyone has always thought they know more than the Cowboys front office. But they sure don't. Case in point: Deion, Charles Haley and even Michael. Fact is they have been handling bad boys going back to Hollywood Henderson and Duane Thomas. We are not trying to grow old with him and we just want to field a great team. I hated all those guys when they played elsewhere but when they became Cowboys they were our team, at least for a few great years. To tell you the truth, I think we could have handled Randy Moss and should have taken the chance. Takes a lot of things to make a great team and T. O. is just part of the puzzle for this year. Our trio were great players for a number of years and we won big. But don't ever forget that they had plenty of damn good players around them. Believe me, living here in Dallas for 30 years I knew about those guys screwing up all over the place. But let's face it this isn't the Opera.
  7. Rayfield Wright Speach

    It was really nice to see some more Cowboys being inducted into the HOF. There are plenty more out there that are deserving and someday soon that will realized by these folks that are doing the voting. It is great for anyone who gets in. It is the ultimate Football honor.
  8. Cowboys Working Out Lincoln Kennedy

    He did and he is gone
  9. Who was the best player you have ever owned?

    I had Emmitt Smith the year he had 25 TDs. Man, that really helps when one guy goes crazy and everyone else on your team is also contributing consistently
  10. For Those in Multiple Leagues...

    It would be nice If you had the same players on all your teams so you wouldn't have to split your feelings on the guys you're playing (especially on Sunday and Monday nights). It is not a lot of fun to be playing against yourself in different leagues. HOWEVER, In fantasy football the idea is to WIN. Therefore you must always take the best available player (according to your ratings) and play each game out. If this was easy everyone would be doing it. Actually, I sometimes feel like everybody is doing it these days but that's another movie.
  11. Giants OL vs. Cards OL

    I think I like James better than Barber but Arizona has a very poor line. If I had to go that route I think it would have to Tiki Barber
  12. deleting a post

    Agree! Sometimes the motivation or the reason to make a given post no longer exists. It seems unusual that one can not delete an unnecessary or redundant entry. Perhaps even an inappropriate post that was foolishly submitted in a moment of anger. If any original writer deems his post no longer adds anything to the thread they should have the right to remove it. Might even make the moderator's job easier.