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  1. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    That was in the past. This is a totally different year.
  2. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Some of these are very lame. Here's a simple one: Vick sucks a dick.
  3. Pimp My MFL Site

    I was just looking at that site though and they have done a lot of really good work for several leagues. Just a couple: But they are expensive.
  4. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    If he does play, I foresee several 3, 4, and 5 turnover games for Mr. Vick.
  5. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    From a purely fantasy football perspective: 1. He may not even play this year 2. If he does, you can expect a dramatic decrease in his fantasy numbers, as his lack of preparation for this season and his new offense plus his ongoing legal (and social/emotional) distractions will certainly have a negative impact on his play. I will expect to see some really horrible games from Vick this year if he does end up playing.
  6. Michael Vick's career

    So what's he gonna get when this is finally all said-and-done?
  7. Michael Vick's career

    Hudson is "generally known as a hard sentencer," Dinkin said, and is not likely to treat Vick any differently because of his superstar status and $130 million contract.
  8. Michael Vick's career

    More bad news for addition to being tried in "rocket docket" court, he will also reportedly be facing a no-nonsense judge who is known for serving stiff sentences:
  9. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Just call him "Stinky" from here on out...
  10. Vick Indicted

    And boxers/Ultimate fighting Champions have a choice that they make themselves to get in the ring, and are not electrocuted, slammed to the ground, nor drowned to death if they lose
  11. Vick Indicted

    Besides the intelligence factor, deer and wild game are killed with one or two gunshot wounds to the head...that is far different than what these dogs had to go through.
  12. Michael Vick's career

    This is rather funny: Pit bull kills Michael Vick:
  13. More Useless Vick Info

    Here we go...this is how we can find out the truth: Join the Michael Vick fan club! "Team Vick takes you behind-the-scenes for exclusive access that only the official fan club can provide! As a member of Mike's Official Fan Club, you become part of Mike's inner circle. You'll get inside information from Mike and people close to him to find out more about his career, personal and more." Sign up and he will let you be a part of his "inner circle!"
  14. More Useless Vick Info

    "I want to start the I HATE MIKE VICK CAMPANION " Do you mean campaign?
  15. Michael Vick's career

    The commissioner of the league I'm in has just informed me that the owner of Michael Vick has requested that he be suspended from our fantasy league
  16. Michael Vick's career

    6 Vick posts in the top 9...this truly IS the most exciting indictment in the NFL!
  17. Vick Indicted

    Why train dogs to fight each other in this way? Why not something more, say....BABIES! Yeah...1-2 year old babies with knife blades attached to their hands and feet going at it head-to-head in one-time-only, no holds barred, fight-to-the-death steel cage events! Winner takes the pot of HUNDREDS...maybe even THOUSANDS! of dollars! Now THAT'S what I want to see! Sorry...I'm one sick, twisted, evil The preceeding does not represent the views nor opinions of my shrink.
  18. top QB sleeper 2007?

    Yes...funny how in his last article he says " has something called consistancy rankings, which i thought was interesting, but did little very little for me in terms of value... the top 3 RBs were LJ, SJax, and Tomlinson. That seemed to me like the overall rankings rather than actual "value". i also found another site called they list a select number of value picks at each position. the top 3 RBs looked like" and here he says: "so the Vick thing just put a wrinkle into my draft. i have been following for a year now, and was going to take Vick as there top QB selection for this year. I see they just dropped him because of the legal issues." So which is it, did you just find that website, or have you been following it for a year?
  19. Vick Indicted

    "And you know this how, exactly? " It's called common-sense. And I'm not arguing that Vick was going to change the game. I'm pointing out that it's absolutely pointless to try to draw comparisons between the way the game is played now and the way it was nearly a century ago.. Speed is relative, but the game has changed so much that it's pointless to draw comparisons. If quarterbacks like Vick truly could win with their style of play these days, they would be changing the game (albeit, changing it back in a sense). However this won't ever be the case. The speed of the game is much faster today and is made for highly intelligent passing quarterbacks like Brady or Manning.
  20. Vick Indicted

    Soon to be the most exciting player who used to be in the league!
  21. Falcons should go after Cpepp

    Don't forget electrocute!
  22. Vick Indicted

    The game has changed a lot since then. I don't think any of those quarterbacks ever ran 4.1 40s.
  23. Vick Indicted

    "However, States may enact laws that provide penalties that are tougher than the Federal penalties" I thought going to a state prison was inherently a tougher penalty than going to a federal prison.
  24. Vick Indicted

    The fact that it was during the season does make it more questionable, but I'm just stating that it doesn't seem at all impossible. The exact date isn't given, it just says "in or around the time of fall 2003"...there was probably some point in time in which an injured Michael Vick would have been able to do such a thing. It does seem like an awful lot of effort for a man who is walking around with a broken leg to go through however.
  25. Vick Indicted

    I don't know, but ESPN has reported that the conspiracy charge carries a max of 5 years plus 1 if he's found guilty in the fighting itself. I don't know if that's old law or new...the wikipedia article seemed to say that the new law was 3 years max for each individual count.