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  1. Very tough. Last week I benched them all in favor of Vince Young...who actually ended up getting me more points due to his rushing yards. This week though, I don't like his chances against Jacksonville. Actually, Plaxico Burress is one of my receivers and I'm playing against Brian Westbrook. I'm not really a huge fan of starting players from the same team and I was leaning towards Garcia just in case he dumps a little screen pass to Brian Westbrook. If he takes it to the house, at least I'll get some points too along with my opponent.
  2. Wow. That's a nice squad you got. I think you can probably bench your quarterback and still win the game.
  3. Need help with playoff lineups

    I'd go with Bulger and Hackett.
  4. Yep...that would be Eli I'm talking about.
  5. QB Quandary Of Massive Proportions

    Manning. The Saints may get the early lead and try to slow down the clock with the run game. that has shootout written all over it. I think you're probably good-to-go with either one though. Please see mine:
  6. Week 15 dilema

    Ick, ick, ick, ick and ick. But if you absolutely, postively have to start two of those guys...I'd go with Caldwell and Brown. Any advice for me:
  7. Well so far, since no one has replied, I'm still leaning towards Garcia. Any suggestions? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller....Beuller....
  8. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    I've got a similar dilemma (Garcia, Manning, Grossman or Cutler) As of now, I'm leaning towards Garcia. Any suggestions for me:
  9. Please Pick One / To get to Super Bowl

    Taylor Please see mine:
  10. More info for WDIS?

    Hass and Shock. Please see mine:
  11. Colston or Henderson?

    Colston Please see mine:
  12. Some WDIS

    Team #1: Driver and Harrison. I like Colston too, but with Horn sitting out, Washinton will look to shut him down so that means Henderson, Copper, Bush, Karney or anyone else will score. Surprisingly, the Saints actually spread the ball around more than the Colts. Team #2: Definitely Shockey. Taylor if he's healthy and ready to go, MoJo if he's not. Team #3: Favre vs. Detroit and again, Taylor (Chester that is) if he's healthy and ready to go, Fraud if he's not. Team #4: Hasselback and Fitz. Any advice for me:
  13. I'd go with Berrian...although I may be a bit biased since I'm playing against Walker this weekend. Seriously though, the Cards can be thrown on, but I'm just not sure if Cutler and Walker are on the same page yet. Scheffler might actually have a better shot of scoring. I'd go with Berrian. Any advice for me:
  14. WDIS at QB - Brady or Rivers

    Agreed. Any suggestions for me:
  15. Pick 2 stud RB's out of 4 PLAYOFF HELP!

    Agreed. Go with who got you there. Plus the Eaglers-Giants game is a much bigger game so all the stars will be looking to shine.