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    I have heard some people have success calling up the ticket office and buying single seats. If you have two people who are willing to sit in seperate sections, you might get lucky depending on the game. The problem is I think you have to wait until the week before the game to get tickets in this manner.
  2. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Yeah, I read that too. But it wouldn't necessarily be "disciplinary action" if they cut him outright. "Disciplinary action" would be suspension. If they choose to cut him, they're washing their hands of the whole situation.
  3. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    My hunch is they cut him. Yes, the cap ramifications are hugh but that's not the only thing at stake here. Blank has to consider sponsorships, attendance, his new coach who has no interest in dealing with this, Vick's checkered past, the pending media circus that will follow the team all year, etc., etc., etc.
  4. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

  5. Auction League

    With fantasy auctioneer is it possible to conduct an auction with three groups of people in multiple locations? For example, we have a 12-team league. Four owners are in one part of the country. Four owners are in another part of the country. And four in another. For our draft, those three groups get together individually and draft over the phone (skype). If we were to switch to an auction, would fantasy auctioneer be able to manage the auction? I'm confused about whether it only works if we have 12 owners and each owner has his own computer and auctioneer account. We would only have one computer for each location.
  6. Grilling on a porch with a screen

    I'd do a gas grill in a screened in porch. Charcoal, no.
  7. 29

    3 = Beach Bum
  8. Sleeper Watch

    JSOnline Looks like he's drawing early comparisons to Sterling Sharpe. A snippet from the article:
  9. Just found out...

    I got thrown out of the Lambeau home opener a couple years ago. It was an expensive quarter of a football game. Pace yourself at the tailgate parties.
  10. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    I just tested a new strategy that worked pretty well. I had about 60 EP to start. I attacked characters on pages 13-17 in rapid fashion, not waiting to completely recover from the previous battle. Since I was attacking at 50% strength, I battled only characters with a 1.0 or 1.1 rating. I battled in groups of 10, accumulating 10 prizes and opening them all at once. It took about 30 minutes to get through all my battles. In the end, I gathered enough loot to move from a 1.5 rating to a 1.9. I suspect had I attacked all Level 1 Prize battles, I wouldn't have fared any better. Plus it would've been a bigger waste of time. We'll see how my ranking is impacted . . .
  11. FF Magazine

    Yes and no. Rotoworld/Beckett will be publishing two fantasy draft guides. You have the early edition. There will be another one coming out in July, I believe.
  12. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Finally . . . still not UR, but my best pull in a long time. Pristine Wyvernscale Legs Skill: Light Armor Skill Level: 30 / 50 Stamina Cost: 6 Points Stats: Armor (+23), Agi (+2), Dex (+2)
  13. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    You still trying to farm me, Detlef? Looks like my elvish magic has defeated you three times this a.m.
  14. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    Xorien Palewind attacks and achieves a CRITICAL hit using Air Blast 15 Spell for 41 damage My best hit so far.
  15. *** Official Everwars Thread ***

    I see that I did manage to beat you once though.