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  1. Who To Keep?

    If you don't keep Maroney, you will be kicking yourself in the a s s later....
  2. need advice on offering a split

    Pretty simple here. If I thought that I were going to lose, then I would try to split. If I thought I were going to win, I wouldn't split.
  3. Tie Breaker

    In our playoffs, we pick a tiebreaker player. If those players tie, the higher seeded team advances.
  4. I lost the Championship.

    It's bad enough that I lost last week and was eliminated. But the salt in the wound was the way that my team just exploded this week. If I had won last week, this would have been my lineup this week: Romo (2 td) M Barber (2 td) S Jackson (1 td) S Moss (1 td) C Johnson C Henry D Clark (2 td) R Gould Ten Def (3 td) OUCH!! 4 td's last week...10 this week!! I would have won $300 and been playing for $500 next week.
  5. cbs users

    I don't think they are doing it as a great gesture, I think they are doing it because they know they stand to lose alot of business. As commissioner of a league that uses them, I am taking the 25 percent and putting it torwards next years website which will be fanball. Sportsline is way overpriced compared to other services. For that extra cost, I expect quality and I did not get that this year. It happens every year, just not to this extent. The other league that I am in that uses sportsline is switching as well. I think they take a big hit next year...as well they should.
  6. So what do you need MN?

    I need 59 points from S Jax and Gould. Needless to say, for me the countdown to next season has begun.
  7. More charges against Bengals players

    Sounds like the Tennessee Vols from a couple years back.
  8. Your upset of the day?

    Just a gut feeling, but I like the Broncos over the Chargers and the Rams over the Bears. Of course, I will not be wagering any money on these picks as my gut feelings usually are wrong. But, you asked.
  9. One tough league!

    Actually, my league, the UFFL (Ultimate Fantasy Football League) consists of 24 teams and is the most coveted championship in all of fantasy sports. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  10. Actually, watching the Cowboys win will be anything but boring. Nothing against the other game though, I wish all of college football had a playoff. GO COWBOYS
  11. tight end help?

    It's playoff time, I'm already down by 32 points, and my opponent still has LT2 to play. Should I sit Desmond Clark in favor of Bo Scaife? Also, thought I'd never be asking a kicker question, but who should I start between Gould and Carney? These Bears were good to me early on...but not so good lately.
  12. Defense to play for my playoff game

    I'm going with Titans ....my other option would be Jax vs Indy.
  13. Eagles chances for East crown

    Maybe Dallas doesn't win their final 8 games. But, there is no way that the Eagles win their final 5. And you can take this to the bank: THE EAGLE WILL NOT BEAT DALLAS IN DALLAS...PERIOD. I think that it's a stretch that the Eagles get into the playoffs.
  14. Vick vs Romo

    As a Cowboy fan, I had this same debate at work this morning with a Falcons fan. I told him that while there are definately quarterbacks in the league that I would trade Romo for, Vick isn't one of them. I'll take Romo on this one all day long.
  15. WDIS PARKER or Stephen JACKSON

    I think I read somewhere that the Bears have gave up 150 yards rushing 3 times in the last 5 games. Jackson is playing a big role in the passing game as well. On the other hand, bad weather does probably help Parker. I think I would go with Parker...a tossup though.