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  1. WDIS

    If Bell is getting the nod, I love the way he looked last week and Pitt has been so up and down.
  2. trade Plaxico for Addai

    any help please this trade is off the table at noon today.
  3. Romo is the Next < you fill in blank >

    2nd string qb when Parcells puts his boy back in.
  4. Big "BLOCKBUSTER" Trade! Need Help!

    wow, I think I'd take this trade.... please help with my simpler one.
  5. Which 2 RB's to start this week

    +1 no ppr and I like Caddy for 100
  6. WR help please! Gladly return the favor

    +1 Kennison plays great late in the season
  7. trade Plaxico for Addai

    the guy I'm trading with has Jackson, Jones, Addai, Henry as Rbs so he wouldn't really be losing anything and is very short at wr. If this is just another no brainer I'm sorry what kinda rb would you think that Plaxico should go for?
  8. Best D this week

    I just picked up the Raiders off the ww....I'm thinking that the Seahawks are in trouble...but Vikings should play alot better against 9ers
  9. Chad Johnson for Edge

    I like this move. Your Wr look strong and Edge is a stud.
  10. Sit R. Johnson @ BAL for Maroney vs IND?

    Maroney.....Bellichek made it perfectly clear that his game plan was to exploit any teams weakness as showcased Mon night. See mine please
  11. wdis

    Gore....do we even know what kinda Time Bell will see?
  12. trade Plaxico for Addai

    What do you think? I have Mike Bell, Brandon Jacobs, Portis, Rhodes...my 2nd rb has been killing me Points per reception standard scoring
  13. Trade for Portis?

    I love Portis, but in a keeper league....Jacobs and Noorwood could be studs
  14. 4 GREAT RB matchups, but can only start 2!

    westy and henry...unless Bell's toe is better