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  1. What to do with Willie Parker?

    I follow the Steelers closely. If you can get value for him - trade him. As soon as Bettis / Duce are back, Parker will only have a few touches a game. Get value while you can.
  2. Need Your Advice on a FF-SITE

    My league has been using www.webleaguemanager.com with no issues. It a solid site for football and I would highly recommend. I must warn you about one site - TQ Stats. I used them for both football and baseball and they were god awful. Too many scoring issues and terrible response time to issues. Try any other site than these clowns.
  3. Help a girl out on Christmas?

    Between the two...Lelie has the most upside. Good luck
  4. RB Situaution

    McCallister has the best matchup. There is too much uncertainty surrounding Westbrook. Davis has a tough matchup facing the Jax defense. Good luck.
  5. Tough super bowl game decision

    Between the RBs with Bettis. The Steelers are committed to the run and Bettis is more likely to reach the endzone.
  6. Christmas day QB's!

    Plummer is too inconsistent. Go with the hot QB - Cocktail Collins.
  7. Collins or Hasselbeck

    I have the same question between Collins & Hasselbeck. With the injuries to Hasslebeck & Collins facing the KC defense - there is only one answer - play Collins to the SB victory.
  8. RB Help...

    I agree with Maddog59 - stay away from the Denver RBBC and play Goings.
  9. QB issues

    Brees all the way. The Indy matchup is too good to pass up.
  10. WR Question

    Forgot to list scoring system. 1 pt for every 10 yards 7 pt bonus for 100 yards 6 pts TD 1- 19 yards 7 pts TD 20 - 39 yards 8 pts TD 40 - 99 yards Thanks again
  11. WR Question

    Need some advice concerning my third WR for the Super Bowl. I have the choice between Santana Moss verse New England or TJ Houshmandzadeh verse NY Giants. Moss Pros - Coming off a good game, Depleted NE secondary Cons - Inconsistent Houshmandzadeh Pros - Passing offense, NY Giant defense, 2 of 3 hot weeks Cons - 2 hot weeks with Palmer, not Kitna Any input would be appreciated. Happy Holidays