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  1. So's very sad

    My family and i would like to offer our sympathy to you and your family in such a saddening time in your life. RIP
  2. wdis

    anyone else with info? i am f$#% this week.
  3. wdis

    i need one of these two with bulger. standard scoring 6pt. pass td 1pt 25yd pass 1 pt 10yd run 6pt. rush td -2 int romo vs. car s. wallace vs. kc
  4. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    i also think Portis S.Smith T.O.
  5. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Rudi Evans Berrian
  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Tiki S.Smith T.Bell
  7. Menudo's Quick Picks

    2nd guessing myself. your thoughts please. starters qb pennigton @buf wr c johnson @pit wr r wayne vs jax rb s alexander vs nyg rb f taylor @ind te k winslow vs bal def ne vs den the rest of the story qb s mcnair @ cle rb r droughns vs bal rb d williams @ tb wr a johnson vs was wr r brown @ sf rb r dayne vs was def sea vs nyg pass 1pt 25yd, pass td 6pt, 1pt 10yd/rush, 6pt rush & rec td, 1pt 15yd/rec thx again
  8. mvp challenge

    what about setting lineup for the challenge. i was unable with the site down.
  9. help at running back

    detroit will have to throw the ball it could open up for kj to get a td. he will not get a lot of yardage but neither will jacobs, at least he will get the carries
  10. help at running back

    kj this week
  11. Pick My #2 WR

  12. I need two of these four

    i agree t.j and donte