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  1. The Official Rhodes or Addai thread

    I agree....stick wtih Rhodes.
  2. The Official Rhodes or Addai thread

    All indications are that Rhodes will get most of the carries. Peyton should be able to win this game with his arm, so no sense in risking further injury to your best RB just before the playoffs...right?

    Giants vs Philly or Broncos @ Cardinals I'm leaning towards the Giants because they are at home and fighting for playoff contention, but so are the Eagles. Will the Broncos disrupt the rookie QB Leinart and a suddenly hot spoiler Cardinal team? Which D is the better play this week?
  4. Eli Manning or Chad Pennington

    This is a no-brainer for me. Eli at home.....The Jets will be one dimentional at Minny. I say Penny throws at least 2 picks in this game. If the Jets played at home, different story I think. The Vikes D play better at home.
  5. Help with D/ST

    Anybody think the Vikes could pitch a shutout here? The way Pennington played last week, I think it's a good possibility. Are the Giants a better play over the Broncos? I think so...if they were in Philly, I might think differently.
  6. Feedback on WRs

    I think they key here is knowing that Joe Horn is out. That means both will have significant playing time. There are plenty of passes to go around in this offense.
  7. Feedback on WRs

    Tough to leave Henderson on the bench. Seems like he catches a long TD every week. I'd go with him over Jennings.
  8. Help with D/ST

    Two leagues, in the semi in both. Standard D/ST scoring in both (2 pts for sacks, take aways - TDs depend on how long they are, bonus for total points given up). Vikes at home vs Jets or Panthers at home vs Steelers Broncos @ Cards or Giants at home vs Eagles I'm leaning Vikes and Giants. Anybody think otherwise? Thanks
  9. Don't over think it....this is the way to go.
  10. WDIS at QB

    Thanks guys....I'm putting this to bed. Romo it is.
  11. WDIS at QB

    Partly sunny with minimal wind. Doesn't look like the weather will be a factor. Kitna is like 3rd in the league in passing yards and I don't get penalized for INTs.....This just looks like a juicy match up for Kitna... I'm over-thinking this, right? Just start ROMO!
  12. WDIS at QB

    OK, I'm going to throw another wrinkle in here. I'll be starting Roy Williams also......if Kitna and Williams blow up, I probably win easily. If they both suck, I most likely lose. A good arguement to go either way.....what do you guys think? I'm almost convinced to start Romo......
  13. WDIS @ RB

    Go with Green on the frozen tundra. The Lions are horrible.
  14. WDIS - Pick 1 RB

    Go with Parker....he ranks in the top 5 for RBs in most scoring formats and he's going against a not-so-stout Carolina run D. He'll get 30 carries this week.

    Betts needs 30+ carries if the Skins have a chance in this one. If he gets those 30, he'll put up 150 yards....and may score. Tough call in the playoffs though because if the Skins get behind, which they could, he'll be a non-factor...I'd take my chances with the healthy Betts.