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  1. In Superbowl. Need RB Help!

  2. I'm in my league superbowl and need some advice. My #1 RB is Brian Westbrook. WDIS at my #2 RB? Tatum Bell vs. CIN (Not sure what Bell will show up) Ronnie Brown vs. NYJ (Cleared to play) Sammie Morris vs. NYJ (Reports say he'll start) Scoring is: 1 pt for every 10 yards rush or rec. 1 pt per reception 4 pts per TD Thanks and good luck to all this weekend...and Happy Holidays!
  3. Cutler or Garcia

    I'm playing Garcia. He's had at least 1 TD in every game and he's not throwing picks. The NYG game will be a playoff atmosphere and Garcia has "been there and done that".
  4. Who has the better upside this weekend? Tatum Bell @ Arizona or Sammy Morris @ Buffalo? Scoring is - 1 point per reception, 4 pts/TD, 1 pt/10 yards Thanks in advance...need all the points I can get against LaDanian this weekend!
  5. What did ESPN just say about CAR RBs?

    I too heard Foster is out and Williams will start.
  6. Wide Receiver over a Running Back?

    Fantasy Index has K's rated as Jason Elam - 12 Josh Brown - 4 Dave Rayner - 27 Not sure of your scoring to rate others. Good Luck!
  7. WDIS @ RB?

    WDIS @ RB? Ronnie Brown @ Detroit or Wali Lundy at NYJ? Brown has the groin injury and Lundy is splitting carries but he's going against the very soft NYJ run defense. Scoring is 1 point per 10 yds recieving, 1 point per reception and 4 points per TD. Thanks for your input and have a great Thanksgiving!
  8. Should I bench L Johnson and start Maroney?

    You start LJ. LJ is a stud and he's not splitting carries. NE depth chart still has Dillon as the #1 RB.
  9. Latest on Leftwich?

    Anyone heard an update on the playing status on Leftwich? Rotoworld reports that the MRI was negative. Byron has a great matchup this week vs. Houston. Thanks, QA
  10. WR Dilemma


    I'm starting Brown and Gore and benching Westbrook and T. Bell. Good Luck!
  12. Morncy over Bush?

    I would play Morency against STL. He played well against Phily last week and he's not going to be the #2 RB like Bush is with McAlister.
  13. Westbrook Playing?

    Any Official Word on Westbrook's Status Today
  14. WDIS RB

    Morency...A. Green is out. He should get 90+ yds and a TD against STL in a high scoring game.
  15. Roster Help - RB: Pick 1

    Taylor. I'm benching Westbrook too because I can't afford to lose the points and another head-to-head again this week.