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  1. Quck Keeper Advice Needed

    For me it's Jones, especially if you only get to keep them for one season.
  2. question about the huddle guide

  3. 2 Keepers

    As you look at other teams' rosters, do you get any idea on what might be available to you at 4th pick?
  4. Best athlete - NO Number

    Maybe there was someone better, but it would have been before my time. I'd say Alexander Karelin, Olympic wrestling (Greco-Roman). He went something like 13 years w/o losing in international competition. All you had to do was look at him and you knew he was a beast.
  5. Keeper League Question

    I'd shop both Wayne and Smith and trade whoever brings more value in a trade (probably Smith). Then I'd keep the other + Bush.
  6. Tough question.

    I'd probably target a WR as I don't see Williams as a very strong #1 WR and unless there's something weird going on I doubt there's a draftable RB who will start over the RB's you have.
  7. Keeper League veterans

    Thanks. We allow trading, so long as they keep 2 players (2 keepers mandatory). What I'm not sure of is, when has the 2 keeper mandatory rule been satisfied? Once the draft starts or once they've made their 1st pick, or when the draft is over? Example: Owner's 1st pick is 10th overall. He owns Frank Gore and LT. Can he trade Gore for the 3rd overall pick straight up, now he has LT and 2 1st round picks, but no 2nd keeper. Does he violate the mandatory 2 keeper rule, or did he just need to have 2 keepers when the draft started?
  8. This is our 2nd year, so our 1st where we have keepers from the previous year. We have a mandatory 2 keepers (can be kept forever). We allow trades during the draft. The question now has to to do with keepers during the draft. Once the 1st team is on the clock, do you allow teams to make mid-draft trades that result in keepers being traded away for draft picks (in the current draft)?
  9. 2nd pick overall

    Thanks guys. This makes alot of sense and helps me see this a little more clearly. If it turns out I'm able to make these moves. Any thoughts on who, of the following RB's, will be the most productive this year ? 2. Benson, Cedric CHI RB 9 3. Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB 7 4. Peterson, Adrian MIN RB 5 5. Lynch, Marshawn BUF RB 6 I'm leaning toward Benson, since I know he'll be the starter and he'll want to prove himself.
  10. 2nd pick overall

    We have 2 keepers mandatory. WCOFF scoring w/ppr. 14 teams, starters: 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D My keeper candidates are L. Maroney, Thomas Jones, L. Fitzgerald, Steve Smith. Right now I'm looking to trade Smith for a draft pick. After shopping him to 4 different owners, it seems the best I can get is a late 3rd or early 4th. An incredible bargain for them (IMO), but I would lose him for nothing otherwise. The guy with 1st overall is almost certainly going to pick Addai. So, my current plan is to keep Maroney and Jones and get Fitz with my pick. My "plan B" would be to trade Jones for a draft pick ( I haven't shopped him around yet, but I'm thinking he would get a similar return as Smith). Then get Benson, Williams or Peterson with my pick. These are the probable top players (based on my preference) available in the draft that I would consider. We haven't declared keepers yet, but, other than a couple of WR's, I doubt if any new names will break into this list. 1. Addai, Joseph IND RB 6 (probably gone with 1st overall pick) 2. Benson, Cedric CHI RB 9 3. Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB 7 4. Peterson, Adrian MIN RB 5 5. Lynch, Marshawn BUF RB 6 6. Johnson, Calvin DET WR 6 I believe that Jones will produce more points for me this year than Benson, Williams or Peterson, but those 3 would probably be better keeper candidates for next year. Does any of this make sense? Nothing seems like a slam dunk so I'm looking for a way to tip the scale somehow (or point me to something obvious that I'm missing).
  11. As a NE fan I see him struggling just to make the team. He's competing with: Moss, Stallworth, Caldwell, Welker, Kelly Washington, Troy Brown Maybe more. Chad Jackson may end up on the PUP.
  12. Excellent ideas. I'll propose these to the group. Thanks!
  13. Thanks again. Now that you've mentioned draft day trades...We wanted to incorporate mid draft trades and that was one of the reasons we went with MFL. For those who do this type of trading, how much time to allocate for each pick? We allowed 2 minutes and that didn't feel like enough time to me (to try and negotiate/execute a mid draft trade) and since there were no trades executed during the draft, I suspect others found this to be the case as well.
  14. Thanks guys I appreciate the input. There didn't seem to be any reason not to allow keeper and draft pick trades, but I wanted to make sure.
  15. My 1st year as commissioner, 2nd as a participant. This is our league's 2nd season, so it's the 1st season where we have to declare keepers (2 keepers mandatory, declared on July 31st). We have one draft (no separate rookie draft). How do you handle trades after Keeper Declaration Day? We didn't think of this question last season. Do you allow them at all? Allow trades of draft picks only? Allow trades of keepers and/or draft picks?