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  1. Your best hangover cure...

    On the morning of the hangover, go to 7-11 or similar and purchase a big gulp cup full of ice and half full of mountain dew. Purchase a small bottle of gatorade (any flavor) and a package of "Goodies" headache powders. Add the gatorade and 2 envelopes of the headache powders to the cup of mountain dew and pound. If you keep it down, you will be feeling better in no time.
  2. German food fans

    I have one fond food memory of the 5 years I lived in Gemany as a kid. Maultaschen Eat it any time you get the chance.
  3. great pic of arkansas survey crew

    For some reason, that was exactly how I pictured it in my mind. Polksalet, are you a regular on the POB board too?
  4. DC Metro Huddlers

    Springfield/Kingstowne may only be 10 miles away, but traffic on 395 can be brutal. I wouldn't say Shirlington is sketchy at all. I assume that you are referring to the neighborhood (Nauk) of sketchy duplexes near the weenie beenie. Those have all been torn down in the past couple of months to make way for new development. Also, the new Shirlington Village plan is near completion with condo's, new library, and the brand new Signature Theatre.
  5. DC Metro Huddlers

    Stay away from MD. All of PG and parts of Mo Co are ghetto. If you are going to be working in Arlington, than you can find a decent place there for 500-600K. If you want to expand your area, look in Old Town Alexandria or the Mount Vernon area. Also check out Falls Church (the City, not the area of Fairfax County). And don't rule out DC. There are lots of new and inproving areas like SE Navy Yard (by the new baseball stadium), Adams Morgan, Dupont, Logan etc.
  6. 5 Guys

    If you like 5 Guys, try Elevation Burger in Falls Church. It's good like 5 Guys was before they opened 20 franchises.
  7. 24

    The Secret service agent also played Cyril in Oz. The son has to be Jack's. They've already implied that there was some relationship between Jack and Graham's wife. It is a typical 24-style plot twist. This show has really gotten out of hand (and yet I still watch)!!
  8. People Seem to love this movie, I hate it

    Crash It was the darling of the awards shows last year, but I thought it was nothing more than a contrived, preachy piece of garbage. It was utterly predictable and poorly (over-)acted.
  9. My Fine was....

  10. Dane Cook

    I agree with twiley. Some of it is very funny adult comedy, but most of it is just dumb. None is appropriate for kids.
  11. From the CrockPot-Week 9

    Mom would always put parsnips in her home-made chicken soup. Love 'em!!
  12. Pound for Pound in your opinion

    The Who - Quadrophenia Band of Gypsys (Hendrix, Billy Miles, Buddy Guy Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson - Storytellers
  13. Do I Sit R.Wayne this week?

    Sit Berrian and Moroney for Williams and Wayne.
  14. Anyone hear Bob Costas' comment about Chris Henry?

    You are an effing donkey!
  15. From the Elk/Deer Camp Week 7

    I am lucky enough to have a brother-in-law from upstate NY. Spiedies are now a family favorite here in Virginia, too. He used to bring me a case of marinade every time he went home, but I recently discovered that the local Harris Teeter grocery chain carries Salameda brand!!