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  1. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    It's kettle have you met POT.
  2. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Johnson Harrison Taylor
  3. Finally, good Bulger news

    Good news
  4. Trade was Vetoed - need advice

    I was the 8th pick on a 10 team draft. I picked Moss #8 then TO #13. JJ made it back around to me on my 3rd pick, I was amazed. Since I picked the best WR's there was a run on the WR's which allowed me to pick Jackson with my 4th pick.
  5. Trade was Vetoed - need advice

    Make note that I never told them which side of the trade I was on. I wanted an objective view of the trade, not a biased opinion.
  6. Trade was Vetoed - need advice

    That is the commish of my league. I pointed him here to follow the dialog. Thanks for input, please comment some more.
  7. Trade was Vetoed - need advice

    It was a 1/3 league vote, but the Commish lobbied to have the league veto and they did.
  8. Trade was Vetoed - need advice

    No, a private yahoo league.
  9. Trade was Vetoed - need advice

    I accepted the following trade in a head-to-head league. The scoring format and lineup is al follows: 10 teams 1 pt for 10 yrds rush/rec 1 pt for 25 yrds pass 6 pts TD starting lineup: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1 DEF 6 bench The trade was Mewelde Moore and Jason Witten in exchange for Antonio Gates and Antowain Smith. The trade was vetoed and I am very unhappy. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.