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  1. standard performance scoring: 6pts - TD 1pt - 10yrds rush/rec Pick 3 out of 5 RB's LJ - no brainer...... Kevin Jones @ NE Julius Jones @ NY Brandon Jacobs vs DAL Justin Vargas vs HOU Pick 1 out of 2 WR's Joe Horn vs SF Issac Bruce vs ARI Thanhks!!!!!!!!
  2. WDIS - QB

    I like Romo in the "big" game this week. More of a chance to hit a good day for your QB. I also would say Miami too. Good Luck
  3. Must win or else!

    I'd go with henry and Berrian too....good luck
  4. 1 pt = 10yrds rush 1 pt = 10 yrds rec 6pt = TD Jones at NE. Vargas at home against Hou. Never thought I would be leaning towards Vargas. Thanks for the help
  5. Jesus...Thats a long time ago....I remember being a dishwasher at a local pub. The bar had a fantasy league where it was total points for each week and total at the end of 17 weeks for the championship. A buddy and I shared a team. We actually won it all! Some of the guys we had were: Jim "Chrissy" Everett (LA)- QB Dalton Hillard (NO)- RB A rookie named Barry Sanders Anthony Carter (MN)- WR John Taylor (SF) - WR Marv Cook (NE) -TE Can't remeber the rest wow- long time ago!
  6. My concern is starting only 2 RB's and not 3 RB's. But is Lewis going to drag along with his schedule coming up looking tough? Do you think Manning and (Crumpler or Kennison) out score Bulger and Lewis ON MOST WEEKS? Any other insight is appreciated...Thanks Guys!
  7. Standard performance Scoring - 6pts TD Rush or Rec, 4pts TD Pass, 1 pt 10 yrds rush / rec, 1 pt 20 yrds thrown 12 team league , re draft. my team: (Start- 1 qb, 2rb, 2 wr, 1 flex,k,d) Bulger, McNair Larry Johnson, Kevin Jones, Jamal Lewis, Brandon Jacobs Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Mush Muhammad, Eddie Kennison, Joe Horn Kickers and Defense his team: Peyton Manning, Pennington Julius Jones, Lamont Jordan, DeAngelo Williams, Samkon Gado Santana Moss, Drew Bennett, Gonzo,Alge Crumpler, Stokley Kickers and Defense THE TRADE: I give Bulger, Lewis and Muhammad FOR I get Manning, Williams and Crumpler My thoughts- I like starting 3 RB's and 2 WR's with the flex position available. But Peyton could be a nice fit! I would start: Manning, LJ, KJ, R. Moss, Andre,(either Alge or Kennison) Thoughts????? Thanks!!!!
  8. Standard performance scoring. Starting roster is qb, rb, rb, wr,wr,wr,FLEX, d,k The flex can be any position except QB. I need some help with my 24th and 25th picks. I will have a shot at Kevin Jones, Willie Parker, Chester Taylor and Reuben Droughns for RB's. WR's will be Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Chris Chambers...ect... My question is: Do I go after 3 RB's with my 1st 3 picks and secure a soild Flex player or take a good RB2 and next best WR with my 3rd hoping a Frank Gore type RB is there in the 4th? How do you guys see this? And what your thoughts are would be appreciated. THx
  9. Finger has to be one of the most die hard Patriot fans around...Right Capt and Bill?!?!?!?!?!
  10. Sorry but I need to bump this until someone knows SOMETHING
  11. Rams RB tonight?

    I'm with you Mark, I need 10 pts and i can choose between Jackson or Faulk for the Title!!!! ANYONE know what is going on with the RB situation tonight in St Louis?
  12. Guys.....anyone? I'm down 10 and need to start either Jackson or faulk I've been out all day and I can't find an update....
  13. Hey Guys - I just got back from the Pats game........ Is Jackson playing? Is Faulk worth starting over Jackson? Any help?///PLEASE!!
  14. Dang anyone still playing start TINK?

    Playing against him....