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  1. More important than RB picks

    Good call, thanks!
  2. Carson Palmer @home Vs. Oakland or Drew Brees @ Dallas Palmer's regained that fire that made him a stud all of last season, but Oakland's Defense has been anything but kind to QBs. Meanwhile Drew Brees is without Horn and most likely Colston again this week, can Copper and Henderson pick up that slack that was missing? 1pt/25yds 3pt Bonus at 300yds 6pts TD -2pts Int -1pt Sack
  3. WDIS 2nd RB

    quick bump
  4. Playoffs - Who do I start?

    I agree with SaintsFan Gotta start Favre. Though neither is a great option.
  5. WDIS 2nd RB

    Addai's facing a tough matchup at Jax(his worst game this year was against Jax.) Edge hasn't really produced much at all this year, last week his yards were good but he wasn't given the ball by the goal line. Dunn's been pretty down since week 6. And Maroney....well nobody knows what's up with him. I was leaning towards Dunn since in week 2 he put up 134, but Addai's been doing better lately and Edge did well last week(despite not crossing into the endzone.) Points are in my signature. The 3pt bonus for 100yds is making Edge look sweeter, especially since Seattle likes to let quality RBs do their thing without much fuss. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you Evans and Addai

    With Marques Colston getting injured a little more than a week ago, one of the strongest players on my team was suddenly MIA. But who will pick up the slack of a Rookie Stud that helped carry my team? In week 11 it was Lee Evans of course! Who could ask for a better game than the one he had in week 11? With 205 yards and 2 touchdowns in the first quarter it's almost as if he knew I needed him. To him I say, Thank you! But now in week 12 what will I do? Why, I'll just start the completely underrated Joseph Addai of course! I went into the 8:15 game last night down by about 15 points and facing the always intimidating (when you're against him of course) Marvin Harrison. (Who doesn't fear one of the recievers that Mr. Peyton Manning throws to?) I was pulled away from the game partway through the second quarter with Addai already seeing the goal line twice. His 27 points put me up by 11, but Harrison was sure to get at least a few more catches than the one he already had for 8 yards, right? WRONG! While he finished the game with only that one catch and those 8 yards, Addai ran and caught for a combined 208 yards and four touchdowns! It was this effort that turned what should have been a close loss into a veritable blowout for my team. Final score 127-97 with me on top.

    Don't make my mistake and bench Brees any more(even though when I finally played him my former starter Palmer exploded for 440-3)
  8. Looking ahead to finals

    Bump for great justice
  9. I'd stick with Brees. King's right your WRs are solid enough that the weak numbers CJ would put up wouldnt be worth the loss from Brees. This is also coming from the owner of both Palmer and Brees in my league who, with the advice of friends, has started Palmer over Brees 2 or 3 weeks straight. Though I've won, that extra cushion from Brees would have been a nice safety buffer. For this owner at least Palmer's benched for the remainder of the season.
  10. I'm looking for the best matchup in week 16 for my playoffs. Pittsburgh's matchup isn't that great and there are a few decent DEFs left on my Waiver Wire: Week 15: Oakland vs. STL Dallas vs. ATL Buffalo vs. MIA Arizona vs. DEN Week 16: Oakland vs. KC Dallas vs. PHI Buffalo vs. TEN Arizona vs. SF My thinking is that over the last two weeks Buffalo has the best matchups. Any Suggestions?
  11. Time to bench Carson?

    palmer = benched for the remainder of the season
  12. Time to bench Carson?

    quick bump as it's down to the wire
  13. Time to bench Carson?

    Now we just need some outside input into the dilema that we both seem to be facing.
  14. WDIS: Palmer or Brees?

    This thread has been hijacked and moved to my thread with the exact same question. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha
  15. Time to bench Carson?

    Brees just lit up Balt last week for 383 and 3 scores, so could Carson do the same?