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  1. maroney or deangelo williams

    I would go williams. he will get more touches. maroney has looked good in the preseason but he is playing behind dillon and faulk even.
  2. The Dreaded 4 Pick

    What about the fact that the rams just offered Stephen Davis a contract? I hate the 4 pick this year.
  3. Whats the best site for breaking new's

    I bet whatever team picked him up could throw him out there almost immediately in some basic packages.
  4. Whats the best site for breaking new's

    I don't think that TO would make it past the Jets or Packers. Jets would keep him for the long run too. What teams actually have cap room for him though?
  5. Random Question

    Thanks for all the help guys. We had a little trivia question in my league and I counldn't find it anywhere. I actually was then able to find it online.
  6. Random Question

    Does anyone know Christian Okoye's middle name and have a website that shows it. I can't find it anywhere and I know if starts with an E.
  7. it's official...the Jets are the WORST!

    Jets are playing for a draft pick now. Here comes Reggie Bush. I am glad the CBS switched programming I was supposed to see jets and got the shootout instead.
  8. WDIS @ RB

    Davis, you know that he will get all the goal line carries. Parker is going to be splitting time with the bus and won't even see the goalline. RBBC kills anderson because you never know who is going to get the carries.
  9. T.Bell or R.Droughns

    Definitely Droughns. he will get all the carries plus younever know with RBBC, Anderson could have a huge day instead of Tatum.
  10. WDIS at QB

    They play against each other. 1 pt every 25 yards, 6 pts for a td, -2 for turnovers
  11. TO Lawsuit

    Do you think anyone has ever filed suit against a NFL player for antics similar to TO's, claiming he destroyed thier fantasy team by his actions?
  12. WDIS at QB

    Glad i went with Collins. thanks for the help though
  13. Should I allow this-NEVER SEEN B4!

    I believe the transaction limit is a good idea. We have had idiots in our league pick and up and drop people just so they would be on waivers through the weekend. I say propose the idea to the league. Maybe they will give it to you based on the creativity.
  14. Rank these defenses

    I wouldn't rule out SD either since yesterday it was reported that Trent Green's father passed away. He is still expected to play but I don't think he will be able to pull off a Brett Farve.
  15. WDIS at QB

    1pt every 25 yards passing, 1 pt every 10 yds rushing (not that they will be running), 6pts TD. Collins plays Tenn. Brunell plays NYG