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  1. Leinart or Brady

    I'd go with Leinart...he's got a great matchup opportunity vs OAK.
  2. WDIS

    Westbrook and Jones...especially in ppr.
  3. WDIS Giants D or AZ D

    With OAK offense being as inept as any offense ever I'd go with ARI.
  4. WDIS

    I'd go with Moss because of the possible big play opportunity he offers.
  5. Walker or Jennings?

    I'd go with Jennings, he has just been targeted so much recently I'd go there.
  6. Everyone on Bye! Need Help!

    McGahee without a doubt...
  7. Last Minute Lineup change

    Even with the cruddy matchup I'd go with Droughns because NYJ is as likely to go with Washingtoin as with Barlow. Good luck.
  8. Oh No Not again...

    I'd go with Caddy and McGahee...ATL will continue to pound the ball but Dun has too many others to share with and most likely won't score a TD. Good luck.
  9. WDIS... S. Gado or C. Perry?

    Bye week hell...no doubt about it. Gado and Lundy will be seeing more time and cycles but I think this is just a crap match up for them. I'd go with Perry and just hope that CIN gets him involved quickly. Good luck.
  10. WDIS?

    This is a pretty close call where I would go with Kitna. I really like Leinart in the match up vs OAK but with Kitna having a good match up and he being consistent this year I would lean that way. Good luck.
  11. Driver or B Johnson at WR

    I would go with Driver in this. It is a tough choice especially with Johnson's decent matchup vs OAK. I'd still roll with Driver though...he'll continue to see a bulk of action from Favre and MIA has given up 10 passing TDs.
  12. No brainer trade for L.T., I think

    Yeah...trade definitely looks good. Is it a keeper league?
  13. WDIS @ Flex?

    Normally I would roll with a top RB over the top WR but in this case we don't know if Gore will keep the goal line carries. Moss is still Moss and vs Cle has a chance for some TD action. Go with Moss
  14. K Jones or Lamont

    PPR I would go with KevJones over Lamont. Mr Bed and Breakfast hasn't been working the ball to Jones by pass much so far. But with Walter at QB it'll be interesting to see the change in how things roll there.
  15. Tough call...I would go with Betts