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  1. Cover of 08 Madden

    VY. www.nashvillecitypaper.com
  2. Dynasty rookie draft in progress

    So far, either CJ at #3 or Rice at #8 will be the steal of the draft. LOVE the Rice pick.
  3. Can someone please help me?

    Good site, but not the one that I remember seeing before..... Thanks
  4. Can someone please help me?

    If I recall correctly, some time ago, someone posted a site with fantasy football clothing for sale? I saw a T-shirt on there that I wanted to get the wife for our draft and can't for the life of me remember what the site was? Thanks
  5. Who's your team - and what's your deam 2007 first rounder....

    Kalil, C, Pitt Steelers In need for another great center!
  6. Stacked with rookie picks

    Can't believe you even asked if you should pick CJ? With your WR's, he should be your #1 choice, then AP and Lynch, depending on where WR's like Bowe/Rice/Jarrett go.
  7. Lendale White trying out for OG?

    All I was getting at was that he can play at 260lbs.
  8. Lendale White trying out for OG?

    Lack of talent? I think it is more lack of motivation, but iirc, he weighed about 253lbs during the rose bowl and ran wild pretty darn good on the longhorns......................................
  9. Lendale White trying out for OG?

    Time to get him cheap now......he did this last season iirc and showed up at a decent weight, I am still willing to give him a chance for cheap.
  10. DeDe Dorsey

    Well, they only got 2 RB's and I don't see him moving past Addai????
  11. need help in deciding who to keep

    SJax/Bush/Ronnie/DeW and either Roy or Boldin, depening on your liking. I would go with Roy.
  12. Fear the Vikings WR Corps(e)

    Just watch out for Nance......
  13. The "Please Cut Dan Thread"

    But is he gonna be the #2? Heard he will be rostered next season and Weinke sucks.
  14. The "Please Cut Dan Thread"

    PD, what are your thoughts on Basanez? Worth a shot?
  15. Make this deal?

    Actually, it is a 16 team league, and I got LT/LJ too?!