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  1. Am I too weak at #2 WR?

    Housh and Mason should work out as just fine #2 WR. Porter and Joe won't be bad if they are playing well and have good matchups. I would be almost as worried about my 2nd RB with that crew.
  2. Bush or Rudi

    Rudi is a steady consistent RB and you have to love that. I would say don't get caught up in the flash of Reggie, but he is a great athlete and might wind up a great talent. But Rudi is the man to carry the ball 95% of the time in Cincy for the next 3 years, can you say that about Reggie? You still have Duece there.
  3. Who's my pick?

    Without question Rudi.
  4. Quick! Trade Offer

    Rudi is as constant as anyone in the league. You will have just as good an oppurtunity at 8 and 11 to get a star. No one is ever real sure who will be the studs, because some players bust and some breakout. Just look to get a WR with one of those three picks and I would reccomend Greg Jennings. I would make this trade right now.
  5. The Huddle Rankings...

    He'll think it is just so funny when he can't get in here anymore. I hav had money issues and have promised not to pay anything for fantasy sports to my wife. I might have had a fantasy issue a few years back. I have used this site under two similar names for several years and have never asked or attempted to access pay information. I feel that the information I give on the boards is trade off enough for the times I ask for help. If you can't pay, accept what people are willing to give you for free and don't be an a$$ that turns the site off to others who also have reasons why the can't pay. Grow up and understand that sometimes you can't get everything you want.
  6. Rate my team

    I think most people figured that. SOmeone advised you to shop Mike Bell, I would do that now. I have heard from someone who should know something that Tatum should be the starter come the first real sunday. Tatum has added 10 pounds, not slowed down and had actually learned the blocking schemes. If you can get any value for Mike Bell who will be at best a #3 RB during the real season you are stealing. Expect to get very little value from Mike Bell once the season starts, strike while the talk is live.
  7. Keeper League- can keep 2 of these 5 RB's

    This man is dispensing sage advice advice, it would behove you to listen to this man.
  8. If you stay at #1 I would take Lamont, he is the highest rated player on the board. If you could trade back a spot or two and get any value for the move take a WR then do that, just don't move to far back the line.
  9. Is Steven Jackson worth the 5th pick?

    after the big three mosts lists look like this Portis Tiki the a group Brown, SJax, Edge, a couple of others You have to look at who you feel comfortable with there. If you like Jackson and feel like the Rams will actually run more often then take him. I feel that the spots 4-10 could wind up completely a lottery, the one who wins just picked the right number.
  10. New to Fantasy Football

    Here is a little FF 101 Most quality players will look to get 2 RB's and 1 WR in the first 3 rounds Either RB-RB-WR or RB-WR-RB This is due to the fact that the difference from Manning to the 10th QB is much less than the difference from a LT/Alexander/Larry Johnson back to the bottom of the second level of RB. You start 2 RB and 3 WR and only 1 QB. This furthers the premium on the skill postions. So look for RB's and WR then TE and QB. If in doubt get extra RB's you can trade them later.
  11. Shaun Alexander Trade Offer

    Which one, Brown and Gates, or one of them a couple of picks, the guy backpeddled faster than Deion
  12. Shaun Alexander Trade Offer

    Well things just changed I went to the owner today and he said that he offered either Brown or Gates, not both. Crap. I am not sure what to do. I can have either Brown and Gates or one of them and two picks. He is backing up big time. He wants Bush and Alexander. I was pulling the trigger and he changed the ammo. What would you do? P.S. the reason for the large roster is trying to make the team more like a real team and you control a roster. We start 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB, 1 WR/TE, 2 Def, 2 K This also makes for a big roster.
  13. Shaun Alexander Trade Offer

    We start 2 DEF and 2 K
  14. I have been offered a trade for Shaun Alexander. It is a dynasty league so I can keep as many as I choose for as long as I want. I made a trade to get Alexander last year to add to my team. The guy with the first three picks in our draft has offered me Ronnie Brown, Antonio Gates and those three picks for Alexander and one of my WR.My team is in the sig, and there are not many people going back into the draft worth mentioning, so it would be for rookies. I have three questions, 1. Do I make the trade? 2. Which WR do I offer? 3. Who do I drop in order to create roster space for the people I draft if I make the trade? I had kept all 25 players since I won the league and was happy with my team. Scoring is 8 pt rushing TD, 6 pt pass, 1 point 10 yds Rush/rec, 1 pnt/25 yd pass, and a few bonuses. 10 team local league.
  15. Taking a QB earlier

    Just so you know, that is a standard answer for me to that question, I have gotten it quite a bit in the past two years. If you ever want to be a smart a$$ with me go ahead I can take it. One tip for you if Big Country, Grits and Shins, or HUGH One start answering your posts then you have asked a good question. There are several good people on here just make sure you look through everything and make your own choices.