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  1. What do you need tonight?

    I'm down 24 points - TD only league pretty much I have Palmer, Housh & Graham he has Wayne and Viniteri.. Thanks for nothing Gates!! Go Cincy - and don't run the ball all over them...
  2. What a time for my team to suck

    You have to go with Taylor if he starts... I know what you mean though - I got knocked out of the playoffs last week because I had Taylor.. we can't pick-up free agents once our playoffs start - so I had to go with frickin mewelde moore-- what a joke..I lost by 5 points..
  3. Any news on Thomas Jones?

    I hope so- let's see Benson get the load one time..
  4. Running backs have been doing fairly well against the Bears, any one with a prediction?
  5. Fantasy Show - plug pulled?

    Ditto.. tivo is picking up poker-- I'm not to happy about it, there was some decent information I took from that show.
  6. WDIS- QB

    Any advice.. I keep going back and forth.. last week I picked Romo and he didn't throw 1 TD..The projections are leading me toward Romo again this week, but is Dallas going to run the ball all day? Does the Raiders really have the best pass defense in the NFL? Is Cincy going to be so far ahead, they may actually pull Palmer at some point..? Playoff spot on the line this week.. Romo agianst the Saints or Palmer against the Raiders.. Romo plays in a dome also-- to many questions -could use some help.
  7. LJ Smith

    I thought I remember reading somewhere that he is unhappy with his contract. I'm not sure if that is still an issue. Was he kept in more to block this week or what.. I'm stuck with him now--no free agent moves once the playoffs start in my league.. Hope this was a set-up, so he can go off this week.
  8. I think I'm beat..

    tied game..right now. I have D.Williams and he has J.Casay... don't tell me I'm going to be beat by a frickin' kicker. 1 pt. for every 20 yards rushing & receiving- 6 pts for TD's 3 point bonus at 100 yds. 3 points a FG and 1 point for extra points. I believe Foster will play, but don't know that for sure. Do I have any chance here?
  9. WDIS at Flex

    My gut says Rhodes.. save Robinson for another week coming up.. and Parker I don't believe has done anything all year..
  10. I win i'm in

    Taylor and Dunn - - going strictly with start your studs theory.. *please see my QB post..
  11. Chester or McGahee?

    Don't forget about Merriman coming back this week.. Tough call - probably snowing in both places this weekend also...not sure how severe Taylor wrist injury is, I'm thinking he will play, since he has missed practices pretty much every week.. I would go with the guy who has a better chance to score a TD rather than yardage at this I would lean toward McGahee at home rather than Chester at Soldier field. *Please see me QB post..
  12. Need 2...QB's to start

    Rivers seems to be the safest- but I'm sick of watching LT score all the TD's.. plus maybe snowy conditions.. Brooks-- probably the only time I will consider using him--home against Hou..good weather also. Cutler-- lots of upside.. might come out hot..but I don't have any confidence in him-because I never saw him play. I'm thinking - Rivers and Brooks.. anyone feel like helping a brother out?
  13. Help - -WDIS- RB

    even though carolina is playing washington, who is very bad.. but I guess the Lions are bad also...
  14. Burnt out on making fantasy decisions..

    Great- fantasy season winding down, playoffs right around the corner and I can't seem to make the right decision to save my life. For instance- I started SJAX,C.Taylor and R.Brown last week and had D.Williams and M.Bell on the bench.. (Mcnabb started also) of course I lose.. and now Week 12 is our last week of our regular season and I am tied for first - if I win this week I win - the stress is mounting-is this stuff just blind luck or what are some easy steps to picking the right people to start.. I absolutely need to pull out a win this week..
  15. Help - -WDIS- RB

    So I think your saying- if Foster is playing go with Ronnie Brown.. but if he is not, go with Williams?