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  1. Ocho Cinco beats the horse

    Is the horse's owner a Lions fan?? Peace policy
  2. Who did you "Come up" with at the huddle ?

    Space Ghost! Didn't he also have an alias, strinG? That dude was cool. I remember when superkaratemonkeydeathcar ruined the screen formatting of every thread he posted in. Good stuff. Peace policy
  3. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    I started coming for FF stuff in '97 or '98 . . . I actually had exactly one post on the Delphi boards before the switchover. I wish I'd have hustled on the member-number thing too, but this one is low enough that the 8K+ people understand I been around. Peace policy PS--posty! That dude was crazy.
  4. O.k. It's official.............

    http://www.rankopedia.com/ZoneID=3/15602/Step1/2845.htm Nicely done, Internet. Peace policy
  5. Johnnie Morton

    Yeah, let's see the breakdown on the timing there: "Before policy even found out about the fight": 90% for Puddy "After policy found out about the fight and brought the thunder": 90% for policyvote I'd pay to see Morton vs. Puddy. Peace policy
  6. What Millen turned down for CJ

    . . . you've got to be kidding me. Smith was like the fourth- or fifth-best QB in that class, and most had him rated with the highest bust potential, since he only had one good season at Oregon. I have not heard a single draft analyst say a single thing about this guy that was not effusively praising his name. Peace policy
  7. What Millen turned down for CJ

    It's my thing. If you search, you'll find more than one thread where I've been called out and I explain why I do what I do. Peace policy
  8. Yeah, exactly. If it's not allowed to use company email for FF, get a gmail account. If it's not allowed to use company internet for FF, then fine. Whose cell phone can't do email these days? A bunch of IT nerds ought to all have Web-capable phones. Where I'm at, our Internet access is unrestricted and unmonitored, but if you KNOW you're being watched and you're using hacks and/or software to get around it, you DESERVE to be fired, end of story. Peace policy
  9. What Millen turned down for CJ

    Meh, I personally thought Chuck was going to be one of the best in the game, top five, perennial pro bowl, serious HoF candidate--but I'm a huge MSU homer and I even hung out with the dude a few times. I thought Mike Williams was going to be a solid pro whose ceiling was somewhere between Herman Moore and Keyshawn Johnson. From what nearly every talent evaluator has said, this guy has the potential to be on the Mount Rushmore of football . . . that's a big step up from either of the two above. Peace policy
  10. What Millen turned down for CJ

    Of course Wilson can't play right now, or for the forseeable future. Even if Millen had jumped all over it, Wilson would have failed the physical and the trade would have been nulled. Frankly, if you really do believe that CJ2 has the body of TO, the speed and circus-catch ability of Randy Moss, the work ethic of Jerry Rice, and hands like two-foot-wide versions of those gummy hands you used to get out of vending machines (as has been widely and constantly hyped) . . . you'd have to get a king's ransom for him. You'd have to be absolutely sure that you were getting AT LEAST three solid contributors in return. If CJ2 is really going to be the best wideout in the NFL in two years, and for fifteen years, and you give him up in exchange for a fistful of prospects, any one of whom could be anywhere from "maybe someday goes to the Pro Bowl a couple of times" to "isn't on the team in two years" . . . you screwed up. Peace policy
  11. Molson XXX. What? Molson's the official import of the Red Wings! It's the playoffs today, too, you know! Peace policy
  12. Detroit to draft Johnson

    I think they wait until 14:59 has elapsed for the perfect deal to come up--and if it doesn't, then they take Johnson and keep shopping him until it does. And if the perfect deal never comes, then they stand pat with the best player in the draft. Peace policy
  13. Pre-Draft Trade Rumor Summary Thread

    According to PFT, the current package on the table between Detroit and Tampa is the 1.2 for the 1.4, both of Tampa's second-round picks, and CB Brian Kelly. Peace policy
  14. Pre-Draft Trade Rumor Summary Thread

    Yeah, in my head I've played out many "And they can trade down with Cleveland, and then with Tampa, and then with Arizona, and then with Atlanta . . . they'd have ten picks in the first three rounds!!! MWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAAAAAA!!!" scenarios. The likelieness seems a little remote. Peace policy
  15. Pre-Draft Trade Rumor Summary Thread

    Actually, the Lions are not interested in Quinn; they like the kid from Stanford and think he'll be there in the second. The problem with 1.4 is that it's still a little high for Gaines Adams and way too high for Patrick Willis. I think they'd like to get even more picks if they can, and take Willis first. I think the Atlanta trade is by far the most likely one to happen. Peace policy