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  1. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    How about DIE VICK DIE!!!!
  2. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Like someone said earlier, I won't draft The Dog FIghter even without all the legal trouble. Vick is a HORRIBLE quarterback. It's about time everyone in football, ourselves included, realize that Vick sucks. He's not a leader, he's selfish, does not throw very well, has more interest in running, and for the most part a pretty stupid quarterback. I would rather take a risk and draft the Madden Cursed, Vince Young. If anything good can come of this; which is really pushing it; Mike Vick is no longer the Poster Boy for the NFL. He's just a shameless, coward who thought it would be cool to fight dog with his boys. Vick deserves to die in my opinion.
  3. More Useless Vick Info

    Vick blows
  4. More Useless Vick Info

    So I went to Mike Vick's official website this evening to see what people are writing about on his message boards. Here's the link.... www. I guess this loser was getting so much hate mail that he just had to take it off. Well Mike, I hope you're happy. Finally, this year we will not have to hear about how great Mike Vick is. He's the most over rated player in all of sports today. I hope he gets all 6 years and never plays in the NFL again. So long Ron Mexico...... Ookie..... Herpy infested low life scum bag. I want to start the I HATE MIKE VICK CAMPANION
  5. Is it worth sending LJ packing?

    You're league sucks. Why do you start two qbs?
  6. Larry Johnson

    This sounds a lot like TO doesn't it. Honor your contract and then talk about the money later. I hate it when these players complain about who makes what. Nobody held a gun to this guys head when he agreed to his current contract. I just don't know why many of you are not making this connection to the TO situation. Poor LJ, he only makes a million 7, poor baby!!!

    I have the same decision to make myself. I drafted Taylor because of this game. I know that he will do well but one good hit can have him in the locker room for the rest of the game. I'm sure that Betts will do pretty well. I really don't know what to do here. I'm of no use with this decision. If I hear anything, I will try to post again.
  8. I'm benching Tomlinson this weekend

    If you bench LT this weekend, you might be the biggest moran that ever lived. All of your justifications are totally off base. The Chargers haven't wrapped up anything yet. I'm starting LT this week. This is the reason we drafted him genius. You must be 12 year old or at best slightly retarted.
  9. WDIS

    I have Maroney, Lundy, Henry, and C. Taylor. Who would you start? I only need one out of the four since I'm already starting LT. 1 pt per rushing/receiving yards and 4 pts. rushing tds and 6 pts. receiving tds.
  10. Advice Needed Here

    The owners in the league voted and I got a majority vote to kick him out of the league. Myself and the other co-commish will take over his team. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something here. Thanks
  11. I have an owner in my league that is throwing in the towel after yet another disappointing season. He has already traded players to other owner, his best friends in the league, and did not start a lineup this weekend. Should we kick him out of the league?
  12. Sey Rexie or Kitna

    Kitna because he'll have to pass a lot more since they will be down.
  13. I'm already starting LT against Cleveland. I need to start one other guy. Would you start Maroney against the Colts or Taylor against the 49ers? My league offeres 1 pt. for 10 rushing/receiving yrds. and 4 pts per rushing yd and 6 pts. for receiving tds. I'm leaning toward Taylor because of Maroney's slight injury and because of Dillion still getting carries.

    I picked up Crumpler as a little insurance and played a little defense so nobody else could wrap him up. I will try to use him as the trade bait now. Thanks for the advice. I hear what you guys are saying about the Colts.

    I have to start two WR and one TE