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  1. Week 14 DST

    go with the Falcons against a pitiful Tampa Bay team or go with the 49ers vs a turnover prone team. the 49ers D/ST is underrated big time and the Falcons have a juicy matchup. good luck!
  2. WDIS?

    thanks for nothing L.J. Smith. you suck
  3. WDIS?

    ha, ha very funny no $hit sherlock! anyway, down by 9 with L.J. Smith left to go. can he get me 10 points and get me into the show?? we'll find out tomorrow. come on 40 yards and a td!
  4. WDIS?

    i sat gonzo last minute and if i didn't, i would have already won by a score of 116-112 and took the division. $hit!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, my opponent is finished and is up by a score of 112-94. i have two players left. LJ Smith and Jason Elam. come on boys get me 19 total! please! or else i am out of the playoffs completely
  5. Have last minute questions?

    TE WDIS? Gonzalez vs. Cleveland or LJ Smith vs. Carolina? need a win to take the division and clinch a playoff spot! thanks!
  6. WDIS?

    anyone else? i'm still undecided. thinking smith is a nice option vs. carolina who gave up 7-89-1td to cooley last week and cleveland is tough against tight ends...help!
  7. WDIS?

    bump...any other last minute thoughts? thanks in advance
  8. WDIS?

  9. Is KJ a better start than TJ?

    i would stay away from t. jones this week. minnesota has the top rushing defense in the league and shut down ronnie brown 2 weeks ago. i think they held him to -2 yards rushing. i would start kevin jones, especially in a league in which you are awarded ppr. if you don't feel comfortable with KJ go with cedric houston against green bay (if he plays)
  10. WDIS?

    cool...any other thoughts?
  11. QB Quandery

    i would start favre, personally. he's better than pennington and the jets D isn't that great. although pennington will probably have a good game too, but i think the jets will lean more on the run. good luck! please see mine
  12. WDIS Grossman or Harrington?

    i would go with grossman. you can't run on minny but you can throw against them. look at leinart and his 400 yards last week. go with grossman. harrington's matchup is worse as Jax has a tougher pass D good luck! please see mine.
  13. WDIS?

    Tony Gonzalez vs. Cleveland (probable, shoulder) or L.J. Smith vs. Carolina? need a win to clinch the division. please answer and give a reason too. thanks!
  14. Wide Receiver Options

    i think it means pick up glenn and start him. romo seems to be a much better qb than gradkowski or whatever his name is in tampa. also i would go with glenn over braylon too...definitely. good luck! please see mine
  15. WDIS?