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  1. Just finished an auction

    I'm a little surprised V.Young went before Hasselback, Romo and Rivers.
  2. Vick vs Brees

    i remember seeing Brees in that cruddy QB challenge show they show every off-season, (you know, running thru the tires and throwing and hitting moving targets, etc....) -it was a couple years ago and Brees won. i don't usually watch that stuff, but i remember thinking -"wow this guy is athletic"
  3. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    it's that much more histerical that Chad Johnson did the "river dance" when he scored on Urlacher!
  4. wow!.... -this could be HUGH!
  5. Rod Smith (hip)

    i want to take this oppurtunity to say what a HUGH Rod Smith fan i am. the guy is a class act, thru and thru. very productive fantasy guy and a good human being. i hope he is in the hall someday....-he could be one of the most underrated players of all time. i know this is'nt supposed to be a Hot-Rod smith thread...but i could'nt resist.-anyone remember him playing in that game with 2 sprained ankles and scoring a TD? (Thanks-giving day i believe) - i had him that year and won. ...-thanks Rod.
  6. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    don't think he'll be driving that car much longer...pretty soon he'll be taking the bus.
  7. Kevin Jones

    I've heard his re-hab is on schedule. He was fantastic last year, and i doubt Tatum will handle the whole load. Can this guy comeback sometime during the season? Can he return to form?...-could be a real steal come draft day.
  8. Dhani Jones

    adding depth is always good...but i have to tell you he was overrated here in ny.
  9. league leader in sacks

  10. Keith Bulluck

    Bullock is a perrenial stud. i think these mags are still getting the hang of IDP. did'nt mean to hi-jack your thread Billy.
  11. Keith Bulluck

    I agree as far as Ryans...but i don't know about Ray. he'll still be very good...and i've heard the hype about what great shape he is in this year, but it looks like he has lost a step. he appeared to be jumping on the pile @ the end of the play in an desperate attempt to get credited w/ the tackle or asst. (and it worked). -but with all the fresh talent on that team i think Ray has his work cut out for him to lead the team (statistically) ya know when the guy logging tackles upstairs sees a big pile in on the tackle and he sees that #52, he says"give it to Ray"...i don't know how much longer Ray can ride that wave. i already pretty much have made up my mind on Ryans...(and i'll bet he outscores Ray), i was more interested on your thoughts about Ray possibly losing a step and Urlacher taking a hit.......... .....-and i'll spare you about Merriman....-no need to re-open old wounds.
  12. Keith Bulluck

    Keg, i have Ryans and Lewis in a league here i can keep 1 DEF player. I'm thinking Ryans. Does it seem to you Ray-Ray has lost a step? Seemed like Ray got alot of the benefit of the doubt, statistically, with him getting the credit for gang tackles and asst. ( he even ripped that one Fumb or INT from one of his teamates and got credit for that) while all these charitable stats were good points for me, i wonder how long it can last. Ray looked almost statistically desperate @ times. also looking for Urlacher to take a little hit with the departure of Tank. (still love Merriman as a fill in due to my leagues sack scoring )
  13. Tank Johnson

    Not exactly sure of this guys status w/ the NFL...but wherever he lands, i would look for an almost immidiate boost to the LB core.
  14. Tank Johnson

    right. when i refered to his "status" i was thinking in terms of discipline from the league. (i.e.suspension). it's my personal opinion Johnson has had alot to do with Urlacher's success.
  15. Keith Bulluck

    I was in the other thread where everyone was saying that the ESPN rag was pretty decent... i have it and i've just sort of glossed it over and i was'nt too impressed. not sure if the mag sux, or we've all been doing this so long, that a mag has nothing to offer.{ hell, the huddlers here could probably get together and publish a better mag}
  16. Brandon Jacobs

    ...yeah, but what about this Jacops guy?
  17. Jared Allen

  18. Cleveland Browns

    not so bad. it sounds corny, but i think they need an on the field leader...Winslow and Edwards ain't it.(yet)
  19. TO spits in Hall's face

    LITTLE T LEARNS TO SPIT....I've always supported this guy. He's dripping with talent, yet he never misses an opportunity to disappoint me. ( Reminds me of Mike Tyson )
  20. Strahan out on Sunday.

    maybe you birds would be better off with Gap-tooth than Kiwanuka.
  21. Time to play Merriman?

    hel1 even if merriman were listed as a DL Jason Taylor and Jared Allen would be right there with him in ppg and in "BIG WEEKS" let's not forget Merriman missed 4 opportunities to have "BIG WEEKS"...(you could argue for or against him on that one) scoring system ABSOLUTELY matters....in my league multiple sacks increase point totals -(but somehow he's ranked lower in my league than yours!) but, anyway you dice it he's an excellent #3 LB...a spot he was easily attainable @ in most drafts this wear.
  22. KJ may have Lis Franc

    anyone taking a flyer on Harris?
  23. Matt Millen Hits 70!

  24. Haslett

    You guys know this is like my favorite topic. You guys have been defending Haslett for years. -I wonder how you feel about him now. You guys probably won't admit it but he had your team screwed up for years. You can put some of it on personnel (Bush,Colston), but the Saints always had alot of talant. Hasletts play calling sucked, he had no balls. You guys HAVE to be much happier with payton. o.k. boys...let me have it!