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  1. Congrats to the SB MVP, Manning

    Exactly, you have the two extremes of MVP performances in the Super Bowl. I gave you Larry Brown who only had 2 INTs that were thrown right to him. On the other end you had Steve Young. I was saying that Peyton's performance was more towards Larry Brown. I do agree with Grits that you have to give it to Peyton as he was the QB of the winning team since there was no dominant performance. I was just throwing it out there that Addai and Rhodes played very well in their respective roles.
  2. Congrats to the SB MVP, Manning

    I believe Addai and Rhodes should have been co-MVPs, but you knew that wasn't going to happen. Peyton had an ok game, but not MVP worthy. More of the lines of Larry Brown than Steve Young MVPish.
  3. Grossman being Grossman

    I think you're right. While Leaf would have have thrown two picks as well, he wouldn't have thrown one of them so far off his back foot in addition to fumbling the snap 3x. The Bears had the opportunity to switch out Grossman in the regular season (kinda like all the teams with rookie QBs this year) for Griese. It came back to haunt Lovie that he didn't do so.
  4. Official Super Bowl commercial thread

    While funny, that was an "in-house" commercial thus CBS didn't get the 2.6million fee for it. BTW, how many Katie Couric promos did they run? They are tanking so bad that they have to waste the opportunity to get 2.6 million to push that utter disaster of a news decision? Oh, I like the rock, paper, scissors one the best. Was hoping for Careerbuilder monkeys this year and all we got was the stupid jungle scenes.
  5. Tony Kornheiser

    It's pretty funny that the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl crews are 100x better than the garbage ESPN puts out for MNF. Anyone disagree?
  6. Mike Vick: A Real American Genius

    You mean the Todd "Stinkston" comment? Pasquerelli showed how much of an idiot he was. Gotta love the response to Pasquarelli's "do you play WR in the NFL?" with "yeah on Playstation."
  7. Merry Christmas

    +1 It was only a few weeks those f*cks that call themselves Eagles fans were booing Garcia in favor of A.J. Freakin' Feeley.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Classy. Don't forget to shut the door to your trailer when you go take a pee at halftime.
  9. Gates and Gore

  10. Gates and Gore

    2nd and 6. 6:01 left in the game at the ARZ 11 and only down by 13. What does SF do? They throw 2 straight times incomplete instead of handing off to their stud RB.
  11. MJD = MGD

    Did you buy your MegaMillions ticket yet?!? Congrats on baby.
  12. Gates and Gore

    Good thing he didn't get in the pro bowl then......
  13. Tatum

    Tatum is an absolute bust. Falls down way to easy, fumbles at inopportune times, and a cocky attitude for having accompished ZERO thus far in his career.
  14. Gates and Gore

    Huh? Gore already has 34 rushing, 29 receiving.
  15. Leinart

    I feel your pain!! I was in the 3rd place game last year and started Warner as well. He was playing HOU and everyone was saying "expect a huge game from Warner." I was so pi$$ed I posted the picture of Warner on the sideline with ice on his knee on the league website.