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  1. Bears multimedia

    In retrospect, if Ditka knew they were going to score 46 points Im sure he wouldve given Payton more goalline chances. The Pats seemed to key on Payton when he got the ball in the red zone so Ditka had to mix it up. Payton got them there and to me, its a non issue whether he scored or not. GO BEARS!!!
  2. Top 80 NFL Teams of Superbowl History

    Looks like someone had a lot of time on their hands.
  3. Will Reggie Bush be fined

    It was a dumb move but he was a man and admitted doing wrong after the game so I say forget the fine. You got to admit that he is one hell of a player and the Texans have to be kicking themselves.
  4. Keep League Trade

    I would do the trade no questions asked. Grossman,Mcnair,Bledsoe?Grab Palmer for your future and your current wide receiver corp will do fine.
  5. Ricky plans on returning to the Dolphins

    Eat this Ricky!
  6. Keeper League Starting Lineup

    Manning Brown Fitzgerald. Cant go wrong.
  7. Top 5 defenses - playoff FF

    I agree with wrongheaded but Id switch Chicago and NE
  8. Keep which 3 ?

    Drop Johnson, wish I had your dilemna.
  9. Top 100 for 2007

    Chris Cooley #75 Chris Cooley #81
  10. Am I an Idiot?

    Hate to say it but I wouldnt have called the guy. Thats not your problem that he was at the game unless he said to you in good faith" before the games start let me know if anything major happens".Id want the win and pretend I heard the news too late.
  11. Last Minute Salary Cap Crazyness ...

    That sucks. Blame it on Grossman.
  12. Who Should I Play? Grossman or McNabb?

    As it turns out Mcnabb was the right play.
  13. second title in a row

    Nice going on your win. I was in the SB but lost big time last week. If players dont perform that week youre cooked.
  14. Schaub

    Id love to see Schaub on the Bears next year.
  15. Chicago

    The Favre of old would have put a lot more points on the board.He underled wide open receivers that might have scored a few more times. The Bears pass rush is almost non existance. I dont know if it has a lot to do with Tommie Harris being out or not but its a big problem. Rex is the other problem. Hes not poised in the pocket and he makes awful decisions. I cant see the Bears getting past the 1st playoff game.