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  1. Best league host(s)

    Are you serious? Did you read any of this thread before you posted?
  2. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    I agree. While I do think that there is a little more room in an auction for those who actually know their stuff to get better value, people who know very little can still do well. We had an owner in one of my auction leagues last year who was not only new to fantasy football, but he couldn't even name who won the Superbowl the year before. Anyways, he got a hold of some average auction values off the internet and drafted a very competetive team.
  3. Free Agent Pickups

    When you do blind blid waivers, what is usually the amount you get to use per season?
  4. Free Agent Pickups

    I was just wondering what everyone's favorite methods were for acquiring free agents. Waiver / Blind-bid/ First Come First Served / Others? Explain how your league handles free agent transactions and what you like/dislike about it.
  5. Best league host(s)

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by the waiver wire for every dropped player but in our league, it runs waivers every day, so I think the answer is yes, MFL has that option. I set up a Fanball trial site a couple of years ago when we switched from CBS to MFL. For one, it didn't allow for 2 conferences at the time (I'm not sure if it does now), that was the main reason we went with MFL (only MFL and RTS allowed us to do that). And with customization...I was referring to the appearance of the site more than the rules....unless Fanball has changed a lot since I used them 2 years ago, there is no way you could create a custom page like the one in my signature on Fanball.
  6. Best league host(s)

    I can't speak for Fanball's reliability, I hear its a good site though. But to say it is as customizable as MFL just isn't true. MFL's customization options are near endless.
  7. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Ours didn't take any longer than a regular draft...about 2-3 hours. We used the following format: We went in a circle nominating players. The owner that nominates the player conducts the auction for that player. He needs to end each auction with going once..twice...sold...and has final say on who won the bid. We also had a projector displaying an Excel spreadsheet that showed everyone's roster and how much money they still had (not a necessity, but it was nice). The process worked smoothly with no real hiccups.
  8. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Yeah...in a regular draft you miss out on some priceless moments like this one that happened in our auction last year.... New owner stands up and says with authority "I nominate Carson Palmer.....40 bucks (out of 100)"..............<stifled laughter>.............<crickets>.........<crickets>........SOLD!!
  9. Mock Drafts

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
  10. Mock Drafts

    What would you have done differently? I pick from this spot in MML and would be more than willing to hear any feedback/criticism if you have any.
  11. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    I am in an auction league an a snake draft league. Like most people that have tried an auction, I prefer that format over regular snake-drafting. However, my snake draft league had a vote this year on whether or not to switch to an auction and I voted against it. I want be in at least one snake-draft league so I have an excuse to do mock drafts over the summer. My biggest advice for an auction is to create a budget and try to stick to it. Don't be afraid to overpay a little for a couple of studs, but once you have some studs, hold off and look for value. Also, nominate players early on that you don't want to bid on so that the other teams start spending their money. I believe you can get average auction values at fantasyauctioneer.com. Those are a great tool.
  12. Mock Drafts

    Wow, I just cleaned up on a 10-team mock. I only wish I could get a team like this in my real draft. I waited all the way until Rd 6 to get my 2nd RB and still found some good value IMO. Check it out and let me know what you think...I was Gobias (H) drafting from the 6 spot. http://www.fantasyfootballcalculator.com/draft/113837
  13. Mock Drafts

    My bad. Is there some inside joke I am missing here?
  14. Mock Drafts

    It's not PPR. That's the one drawback to fantasyfootballcalculator. It only allows for different league sizes, not lineups or scoring differences. Also, in the future, whenever you refer to someone as a moron.....you might want to spell it correctly. Otherwise it just doesn't have the same effect.
  15. Mock Drafts

    Yeah...the site is a little glitchy. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times not. I'm still addicted to it though. I think whenever one of us gets on a mock draft there we should put an H at the end of our name so we know if we are drafting against fellow huddlers. I don't know...maybe it's a gay idea.