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  1. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. What a crappy weekend..

    Yesterday sunday morning i walk into my church, actually my sunday school class..everything was relaxed went to sit down and a friend of mine asked me if i heard? and i said heard what? He went on to tell me that a kid from his school had hung himself the night before. This child was in 6th grade. I help coach their schools baseball team, and the kid plays on the team. He was a pretty good first basemen, we had practice on FRIDAY. He seemed normal, joking kidding around..when i found this out iwas in complete shock. This kid was a very nice kid, always helpful..he was a great kid to coach always listening, it just breaks my heart that he felt so bad about something that he ended up taking his life..it has been a crappy day so far..and to make matters worse, our first game is/was supposed to be today..
  3. our presidents

    good read!
  4. Fantasy Basketball?

    yeah deff i needed the 3's and dishes, but i got screwed big time i traded ginoibli for odom which i think is a steal...but the weekend im away and cant get into the computer in time odom is done for the season, now im lacking rebounds bc both okafor and odom are out...im missing marion...i was too quick to hit the accept
  5. Fantasy Basketball?

    yeah thats probably the only decent thing on the net, what do you think of this trade i hope you like it becasue i accepted it nash and mo williams for marion Iwas short on guards, we will see
  6. NY/NJ/PA folk and people who like to drive...

    well i live just outside of philadelphia, but i dont think you want a teenager crashing the party
  7. Fantasy Basketball?

    does anyone know of any fantasy basketball sites like the huddle, i have been searching but havent found much. I need some info for the playoff run!
  8. Free agent move sheet

    i laughed inside aswll haha
  9. New Jericho this week!

    last week i had a snowday, i watched all 11 episodes in one day! i cant wait!
  10. 24

    good episode tonight....missed my prison break thought
  11. US Soccer

    my boy landon had a goal! two goals in two games!
  12. How about a Huddle Convention

    sorry but im not a hot chick, but maybe i can bring some 18 year olds..so its legal?
  13. How about a Huddle Convention

    are 17 year olds allowed to come? i may have to run away, but it may be worth it!
  14. YouTube Videos

    making fun of t.o http://z11.invisionfree.com/SIMULATION_MAD...?showtopic=1391
  15. Duke/ North Carolina Tommorow

    im watching the St joes/nova game and they said that the UNC Duke game is blacked out in ACC markets. I dont understand how that is possible considering that Cameroon has to be sold out for this game. Does anyone know why it would be blacked out? It doesnt effect me but i would like to know the reasoning