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  1. get him out if you have him!
  2. seattle starters today

    anybody have an estimated 'workload' for hassel, SA, etc today?
  3. WR help! I can't decide! Please Help!

    i'd personally go with the only 2 that will play 4 quarters and sit colston. should be a short day for the saints across the board.
  4. Last WR WDIS of the year...

    javon, no question about it.
  5. Reggie Wayne and Torry Holt killed us.

    i had wayne, c*ck i played has harrison. he's up on me by 24 b/c of that (oh, and ron dayne turning into jim brown yesterday for good measure). only hope is tony romo today but he has westbrook, so i am probably toast.
  6. The Official Rhodes or Addai thread

    God, thanks for making my Addai decision that much harder now....i guess i have to play fast willie. if you have the luxury, wait til as close to 1pm as possible to make the decision. Espn's countdown show is supposed to have a big piece on Addai, who is from Houston, so it is also a homecoming for him.
  7. Pick 1 guy to sit

    thanks man. part of the stress is i have to get it set in a few to take the inlaws to finish Xmas shopping and stupid sh!t like that and won't be around til well after the 1pm kickoffs.
  8. Pick 1 guy to sit

    bump. any input very much appreciated. have willie in as of now but it's making me sick thinking about him vs Balt's D. but, don't sit your studs, right?
  9. Pick 1 guy to sit

    it sounds nuts but he practiced fine yesterday and i think the going home part will make dungy give him more carries and also allow him to break 1,000 yards in front of the hometown fans.
  10. WDIS: Roy or Shockey?

    i'd play shockey. Giants O is due to blow up and i don't trust anybody on the lions.
  11. Pick 1 guy to sit

    Addai, S Alexander, Fast Willie Addai 80 yards from 5pt milestone, playing in front of his hometown Alexander vs SD, tough D, at home, on a Seattle team that has struggled Fast Willie, at home vs Balt, who he has historically done jack squat against One guy has to sit but who?
  12. Anyone else apprehensive

    I want to get the sac to put him on the bench and leave in Addai and probably S Alexander. since Addai looks like a go and is close to a 1,000 milestone i may bench fast willie for those two. but i'm changing my mind every hour.
  13. who sits?

  14. Flew position help

    i would play DW for sure. Ariz is a mess on O and so is Houston. Washington's run D blows and they are breaking in a new qb. defense isn't that good. i don't expect deshaun to play and fox didn't use a 1 on DW to sit him. i think he goes bananas from here out. can you tell i took DW this year too and am playing him? somewhat a homer but this is a no brainer pick for you.
  15. Keeper Question

    keep fast willie for sure.