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  1. Who did you "Come up" with at the huddle ?

    Pre-Huddle. Old school RSFF. I think my first post was late 1995.
  2. Good Fantasy Football Team Names

    Catholic School Girls in Trouble
  3. jacking up the price

    I still call this joint $
  4. Seattle Huddlers

    I still can't hear the word "Ballard" without being reminded of Ballard Vice. GB Almost Live.
  5. Ways we can Support our Troups

    I am your humble servant.
  6. Ways we can Support our Troups

    Attack? My apologies. Wasn't trying to offend. Really not looking to piss anyone off. Here's what I posted on my board yesterday:
  7. Ways we can Support our Troups

    Armed Forces Day was May 20th. He must have missed it. Not my fault. Bums me out that some folks don't know the difference.
  8. Ways we can Support our Troups

    Redefining days of mourning and honor because its convenient and/or expedient? Super.
  9. Ways we can Support our Troups

    Memorial Day is in place to honor those that died in service of our country. Oh well. Close enough for some I guess.
  10. Teacher accused of drunken behavior at school

    Had a friend that taught across the hall from me. She volunteered to chaperone the prom one year. Went to dinner with her husband before the prom and had one glass of wine. Later that night a student accused her of being drunk and acting crazy. The principal (who wasn't in attendance) placed a disciplinary letter in her file based only on the accusation of this one student and her parents (who weren't in attendance either). No other student came forward to back up the claim. After finding out what a pain it would be to fight it combined with the assumption of guilt from everyone in the district she decided not to push back. One year later she took a job in a different district. She was a great teacher. Really miss having her across the hall.
  11. Not so much. This would be an invasion from the this board: It doesn't count as an invasion from FBG if they've had multiple accounts suspended/banned on the FBG board. I present to you the FBG castoffs. Watch out for Gilligan. He'll piddle all over your wife if you don't keep an eye on him.
  12. Swires? He ain't all bad, just partially bad, but in a good way, most of the time.
  13. PartyPoker

    I was planning on doing the latest 50% reload later this week. I have money in transfer at the moment from Pacific back to NETeller. So I logged into Party just to see if I could even remember my login. It's been a while. Found $30 waiting for me. Had to see 300 rakes hands. I sat at a $1/$2 limit table and 300 raked hands later ended up with $100. Love it.
  14. Why do you use the handle that you do?

    Check your PMs. Should be golden.