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  1. WDIS?

    I like the Rookie! quite possibly 250 yds and 2 TD's
  2. New England Logos

    Okay...I'm not too crazy about them, but hey, at least I know what they are now! Thanks!
  3. New England Logos

    Alright, I admit it, I'm a dumba$$, but would someone please tell me what those 2 sideline logos are located around the 50 yard line! Every time I watch the Pats play, it drives me nuts.
  4. Black Sunday for Injuries

    Just who is this "Hugh" guy? I keep seeing his name pop up on these boards, but I still don't know who he is! It's really frustrated me so ,I looked him up in the dictionary to see if that might help me. Hugh...a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “heart, mind.” By the way guys, today was a HUGE day especially with the end of the Fantasy Football Season approaching!
  5. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U Dare !

    A-Train Owens S.Smith
  6. Mike Bell to be inactive?

    From what I have heard of Nash, his toe condition may even be worse than Tatum's. Last I heard he was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of "Camel Toe"!
  7. T. Bell Update

    Let me muddy the water for ya!...This was from Rotoworld. (Rotoworld) Broncos signed RB Damien Nash and DT Antwon Burton from the practice squad. Impact: Nash's addition to the active roster could mean the Broncos are preparing to be without Tatum Bell (toes) at Oakland Sunday. Denver usually only has two backs active on game days, so with Mike, Tatum, Cedric Cobbs, and Nash on the team, at least one and likely two will be in street clothes. Tatum's status for Week 10 is now less certain. I'm right there with ya man...I've got Tatum in one league and Mike in the other!!!
  8. The Dangerous Waters of a Denver RB!

    Hmm...2 for M. Bell, 1 for Jacobs.
  9. The Dangerous Waters of a Denver RB!

    Thanks guys...that's 2 votes for M. Bell.
  10. The Dangerous Waters of a Denver RB!

    Looking back....I agree! The sad part is, I've got Mike in one league and Tatum in the other!
  11. Right now, I have M.Bell set to start. However, I just read that Tatum practiced well on Friday and has been upgraded to probable. I am assuming now that they will split carries. The question I take my chances with Mike Bell, or go with one of thes alternatives? Derick Mason ( back home @ TN to show off) Dallas Clark Brandon Jacobs Michael Jenkins Thanks!
  12. Need Help with a Funny Team Name

    Name it already!
  13. Need Help with a Funny Team Name

    Insert your current team name in the blank. You could go with something simple like "__________'s" Biatches! or "___________" 'R FFL Kings!
  14. SA likely out again

    All I know is...I don't have to worry about it anymore. I traded SA away today, and I'm not looking back. I needed to stay in contention THIS year, and worry about next year! Good luck to all the remaining SA owners.
  15. Record High Scores

    It's possible, if it is a keeper league. Kept LT in one draft and LJ in another year? I am set up very similar. I have SA who I drafted as a rookie and kept and then drafted LT in another season and kept him. So now I have SA and LT on the same roster as keepers. ( Although SA's not holding up his end of the deal this year!!!)