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  1. So far, here is my roster in this 12 team PPR Keeper League: QB: Palmer RB(3): SJax, Henry, Lynch WR(2): NONE so far! I still don't have a WR and the pickin's getting slim... and, I am tempted by seeing Lewis still on the board too. Out of these folks, who would you rank first and second? Thanks for the help! RBs: Lewis WRs: Ward, Burress, Coles, Edwards, Reg Brown, San Moss, C. Chambers, Galloway. I am tempted to take Lewis and then work out a trade during preseason for a better WR? But, what if I can't do that? My next pick will not be for 19 more picks after this one.... Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for the help. Yes, this is the 3.03, 27th pick. and 20 of them have been RBs. Lynch is the top rated RB still available with a few guys under him also taken. Edge is also available. I am tempted to take TO or Harrison but their age probably makes them a non keeper for 2008? So far, the votes are: Lynch - 1 WR - 1
  3. 3rd Pick, New 12 Team PPR Keeper League. Scoring: All TDs=6, 10rush/rec=1, 20pass=1, PPR=.5 for RBs and 1pt for WR/TEs. QB, 2RB, 2WR, FL(RB/WR/TE), K, D. So far I have SJax and Travis Henry on my roster. I am on the clock with my 3rd pick. After this pick, it will be 19 picks before my next pick. Which should I take M. Lynch, or a WR? The only WRs taken so far are Smith, Holt, Chad Johnson and Calvin Johnson. If I take a WR, which guy should I take keeping in mind this is a keeper league and we can keep up to 4 players next year. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hehe... guess I'll have to suffer through it...
  5. Thanks for the help. As I mentioned, I inherited this team and have to deal with what I have rather than what I wanted. I refused the deal on th rookie WR and I guess we'll see what happens? Thanks again.
  6. I personally dislike Plax........ but if I could offer him for the rookie 1.04 while keeping the 1.12 pick.... am I NUTs to do so?
  7. Another Keeper Question

    If you keep Brady... then I'd probably go for a high upside but cheap 2nd/3rd(different bye weeks of course) QB along with a top RB. Other than those you mentioned, Losman might suprise this year and he is gonna go VERY cheaply, IMO... ?
  8. Quck Keeper Advice Needed

    I'd go with your gut.... T Jones looks like the right choice.
  9. Oops, here is my current roster(draft still in progress) QB - Peyton Manning RB - LaDanian Tomlinson RB - Jamal Lewis WR - Torry Holt WR - Plaxico Burress WR - Vincent Jackson TE - Tony Gonzalez WR/RB - Chester Taylor WR/TE - Matt Jones K DL - Antonio Pierce DL/DB - Lofa Tatupu DB - WR - Jerry Porter WR - Brandon Jones
  10. I just inherited a new Dynasty team from a guy who's made most of the draft picks. I just picked up in round 10 and 11, a couple of WRs. In the meantime, the rookie draft has also started in this league, and I have the last 12th pick in the first round. I was offered the 4th pick (A. Gonzalez) for one of my WRs plus my 1.12 rookie pick. I am thinking about counter-offering one of my current roster WRs for his pick. If I do this, which WR should I offer which might have a chance of being accepted and who is worth trading for Indy's new slot WR? Thanks for the help!
  11. Thank you very much for your help! You're thinking makes ALOT of sense to me. I took Henry.
  12. Another Keeper Question

    I think I'd keep Brady. What other QBs and RBs are likely available in the draft?
  13. my 4 cents.... Benson Davis Clayton Cotchery
  14. This is the initial draft for a new 12 team Yahoo Keeper League w/ modified PPR scoring(.5pt for RBs, 1pt for WR/TE). Other scoring includes: 10rush/rec = 1, 20pass=1. All TDs=6. We start QB, 2RB, 2WR, FL(RB/WR/TE), TE, K, D. I took SJax with my round one pick(1.03). Since then, almost all picks have been RBs. So far, the only QB taken is Peyton, and the only WR taken is Steve Smith. Henry is the best RB on the board(according to most lists), however, I am hoping that Lynch might be available for my Round 3 pick, which will occur 5 picks AFTER this one. Both Henry and Lynch share the same bye week. One strategy might be to take Holt, Harrison or Owens with this pick and then pray that Lynch is there at 3.03. What do you think? Who would you take with this pick (2.10)? Thank you very much for your help and suggestions!
  15. Wow... great idea! One other owner already quit due to this crap, and another two owners (out of 12) have voiced their displeasure over my dismissal without a public reason or vote. Still, I'd hate to pull good FF players from this forum unless I really have to do so. But... that is a great idea nonetheless and one I will do if I get any sniff that I am to be kicked from the two other forum leagues in which I won the championships..