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  1. Twoobs Gets Busted

    ....did you notice the name of the dude I was gonna take...that's right...Darin
  2. Huddle Awards Primer

    That's a great idea
  3. 80Gig Ipod

    I don't think so mister.......I want the big one
  4. $1.1 Billion a Year

  5. 1000

    Excuse me!
  6. You guys are making me blush BTW who would I have to talk to in order to get a Twoobs graemlin
  7. I would, but I think Twiley might get upset
  8. 2006 Mystery Huddler #4

    OH, you are in sooooo much trouble!
  9. Huddle Fight!

    That hurts
  10. And frankly, I don't care why I have them, I'm just glad I do.
  11. So anyway

    Twiley! If you ever wanna see these again you better find that F'n ring
  12. My apologies

    What's an alias Tw bs out.
  13. Huddle Fight #29

    I think my vote is obvious
  14. Who is the most popular?

    Awww, thanks guys. That's sweet.