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  1. Falcons should go after Cpepp

  2. Falcons should go after Cpepp

    What a disgusting frickin human being. Yes everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But come on now! This has been in the news for months, and this indictment has been in the works the whole time. It can't be completely false... And Vick can't be completely clear of any involvement. And any individual who could do these things to an animal is one sick twisted 'puppy' sorry for the pun! What timing here though! Blank should cut his losses, and sign Cpepp. Might not be the greatest option, but what a FA pickup that would be to fill Vick's size 6 shoes! I'm surprised Al Davis hasn't tried to pull a trade for Vick since this news has surfaced...
  3. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    That's aside from the point. I think this thread is about his personal issue, and not some stupid contract situation. Giving the Bears some cap space, doesn't make him a man. Being a proper father to his child, and dealing with himself in mature manner in this situation however... I'm not taking either side, most of this info his 3rd and 4th hand knowledge, and there's always 3 sides to a story. Person A. Person B. And than somewhere in the middle there's the actual truth. ** But I'm assuming that she must have these messages saved or something, look at how specific the dates and times are LMAO! Tool!
  4. Future Hall Of Famers

    Not playing anymore, but very recent retiree... Tim Brown!
  5. Hardest Pick in the Draft

    Standard scoring, doesn't even matter if it's PPR. 1. LT2 2. LJ 3. Sjax 4. Gore 5. SA 6. Westbrook 7. Addai 8. Parker
  6. best & worst jerseys

    Bengals far and away! But I have a strange obsession with tigers so............
  7. Jax @ Tenn

    Can I get a hell-yeah for those Titans... haha
  8. Jax @ Tenn

    I'm on the fence in thise debate. But feel that I should comment on the above quote... The Titans kept it real close in the first meeting, and beat the Colts in the second meeting. The Jags did destroy the Colts last week, and that is something to celebrate. But to go and bash Titans fans because they barely beat the Texans in OT?!? Didn't the Jags lose twice to the Texans already this season?!?
  9. Hey Steelers Homers...

    In week 16, you have 2 options... FWP vs BAL or MBIII vs PHI assuming you're playing in that game, I'd be throwing down on Barber. I love Willie, he and Westy were absolute studs for me this season, but the matchup!
  10. Best Transactions You've Made This Year

    Romo off waivers 1 week before he took over as starter, for $1.
  11. Jeremy Stevens

    Bang on there! Just watched the replay about 5 times, and Stevens gave him a little love tap in the jewels first. Brayton just finished the job properly. Both guys are tools, fines should be in order for Brayton here!
  12. My WR corps is pretty sick in my dynasty league, loaded with talent! Andre Johnson, Darrell Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison I wouldn't mind dealing Harrison for a younger talent, and have been offered Plax. I don't know what they are in the same category though, what do you guys think? Harrison will have big weeks like tonight, and so-so weeks. Whereas Buress seems to be good for 10-15 every week when he plays. Should I pull the trigger for a younger talent like Plax, or try to get something more for Harrison....
  13. Why is Oakland playing in prime time yet again?

    When they decide primetime games, it's usually based on fan favorites, rivalry games, etc. Oakland usually ends up with 2-4 primetime games every year because of the rivalries they have out there. Kansas City, Denver, SD are all obvious choices. But Seattle and Oakland are rivals from the old AFC West days.
  14. Chester Taylor's Status

    Sorry boys, I didn't mean to hate on your boy. I was being an idiot more than anything. I dealt him because I had the depth to do so, and in my dynasty leagues I try and own players that I like watching. Chester Taylor isn't one of them. But I do realize the guy's got talent, and plays behind that sick offensive line!
  15. Chester Taylor's Status

    I just dealt him straight up in my dynasty league, for DJAX. I think you should cut him loose now while his value is still reasonable.