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  1. Iowa Lawmakers getting tough on cutting up bodies

    But don't take toilet paper from the court house or you will be cellmates with above mentioned chop artist... LINK
  2. Low class move?

    Agreed. Now it's up to you if you want to let him back in after a year or two. Otherwise, I don't think he owes the other owners his presence just because he won.
  3. Is FireFox Buggy?

    I uninstalled a few weeks ago...took the little survey and everything. Tried "opera" for a couple weeks. I was happy at first but decided to go back to Firefox. Anyway, the funny thing is when I installed it everything was there from when I left. Same extensions, old bookmarks, it was like I never left. Was it really uninstalled? I recently tried the adjustments to make it run faster in the about:config. Actually worked worse because it wouldn't let some pages load all the way. Anyway, in the about:config you can see every extension I ever tried and "uninstalled." I had a "copy" problem a few days ago but contributed it to an extension I was trying since it went away after I "uninstalled" it.
  4. That funny little country of..............Vermont?

    That's cool...the US gets bored and wants to kick a little countries a$$ every few years. Won't have to go so far. National guard or the Bengals practice squad can take care of it.
  5. Johnnie Morton

    It looked like a fight on a playground when his arms were flying about wild at one point. You never know which one is going to do it. You have no control over how your brain hits your skull.
  6. Meachem

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  7. I found that a VERY funny skit. Anyway, looks like a former Colt QB could have been a model for it had they needed one.
  8. This Dude Murdered A Friend of a Friend

    Sorry to hear that man.
  9. Johnnie Morton

    YouTube has the fight.
  10. Chili

    Once I started using stew meat and chorizo in addition to the burger for meat I have never went back.
  11. Homer sites?

    Wasn't there a sticky at one point with a bunch of links for homer fansites and whatnot for getting a better homer perspective? What happened to that?
  12. Mountain Bikes

    Good info D3. Craigs list is a good option. I know I sold one on there too cheap when I lived in When I worked in a sporting goods store we had some major deals in the spring. Practically giving some of them away. Watch the ads. Also, you can look on some major Sporting Goods stores websites because they will be trying to move the models that are a year or two old. Go to a shop or even Walmart to size yourself up first if you go that route. The bar should be about an inch from your stuff when straddling it. I wouldn't buy a bike from Walmart or target unless you are only looking to ride once a year. Bike shops are expensive but you will get your questions answered better there. Some shops will throw in a tuneup as well. Many offer extended service plans. read into it. Some people may shy away but it could be a good deal. At The Sports Authority we sold them for something like $20 for a year. It covered tuneups, and all the moving parts (except tires). It was a kickass deal. Don't know if they still offer it. Like D3 said, avoid the full suspension. Unless your going to be doing some serious downhill you don't need it. Alot of the cheaper bikes that have it is just for looks anyway and it will take away from your other componants.
  13. Is Johnson size hereditary?

    Mine too FBJ...But I have to say that all my siblings and I come in different shapes and sizes.
  14. New Professional Football League

    I was tiniking of starting a league.Anyone want in? So far Emmanual Lewis and the mail box from Blues Clues are in.
  15. My Space

    Exactly. they will search him out basically. Once someone can see any frind list he is on they can be sending him messages. Be on top of making sure only people he knows are getting accepted. This may be what your talking about but beyond the "Private" profile setting you can set it to where they have to know his last name to get the friend invite through. But as mentioned above, it's in his control if your letting him on there. As long as his curiosity doesn't get the better of him he'll be fine...but it will get the better of him sooner than later. Like Chuck said, If your okay with what is available to him, go for it. I think Bebo may be aimed at a younger crowd but you still need to be aware that people are lurking.
  16. Meeting at bar helped lead to Saints drafting player

    Smart business move for sure!
  17. Saints camp notes 5-25-07

    good info...thanks for posting it!
  18. Steelers...good source for pron

    I read a couple days ago that the commish and a bunch of secretaries got it.
  19. Is FF getting more competitive?

    I think it varies by where you are playing. In the Yahoo! public leagues you are lucky to get 1/2 the guys to show for a draft. Now days I play in pay leagues were the owners are taking it more seriously. People are making themselves more informed though. I tell one buddy of mine that I have played with for years that I liked him better when he didn't know
  20. Division Battles 2007

    I just hope that the Saints are not this years Panthers. Last year the Panthers took a dive after everyone thought they had the division hands down before the season started.
  21. Alex Brown seeking trade?

    he has said that he would be happy to stay and play if it doesn't happen. Which I find kind of funny.
  22. Jason Snelling - Dynasty Sleeper

    Garrett Wolf at 1.12? I just got him at 4.07