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  1. Would you do it?

    Dynasty league. This trade has been proposed to me... He proposed a trade with Me: * He will give Barber, Marion DAL RB * To Me for Moore, Mewelde MIN RB Taylor, Chester MIN RB Gaffney, Jabar NEP WR I see this as a trade for Barber for Taylor because I'm going to cut Moore and Gaffney anyway. Obviously Taylor is going into even more of a RBBC with Peterson there. This owner has Peterson so I'm giving him a handcuff but Barber is also his 2nd best RB so he is essentially taking a backup. He is in my division and I'm thinking this can also hurt his starting squad since he likely won't start Taylor and Peterson (if he does, let him) My other RB's right now are... SJax Fred Taylor MJD Just drafted Chris Henry, Titans Thoughts? FBJ you better not use this to weazle in on
  2. Would you do it?

    Thanks BB.
  3. Dolphins give away Ricky Williams' locker

    I could see Williams just about anywhere as a change of pace/spell guy. I think he has that in him yet and I think he would actually enjoy not being the starter. That talk of the Rams being interested is just scary if you ask me. 4th quarter and they are going to spell SJax a little with a fresh Ricky...
  4. Link your dynasty draft here

    Farrior was #12 for LB's and 35th overall in our league last year. Take away Ryans stud season last year and those numbers would look decent for a rookie. But if your right...that would be too high a pick for Farrior. But if someone is drafting for depth and really does not identify any needs, you can't go wrong picking Wills there I don't think...but I likely won't take him even at #12 this year because I have Farrior now that I got him and a 2nd rounder for Julius Jones.
  5. Buh Bye Keyshawn

    Man...did you see how excited this guy was that they picked Jarrett? He told Steve Young just before the pick he wanted him and was all excited he would be able to teach and mentor him... Looks like he is going to have to do it by phone.
  6. Kiper's Final Mock

    So if he parts ways with ESPN will they then acknowledge the fact that he had Mike Williams at the top of his board? That tidbit seems to be lost but I have not forgotten and until the day I die I will work to make this man accountable for his actions. He has been pulling a snowjob on people for years. The only tihng I find interesting about the guy is when he tries to backpedal on draft day.
  7. God, I love Craigs List

    I posted a Mountain Bike on there last year...within and hour the phone was ringing off te hook! I undershot on that one. I sold it to the first guy that called and had several offer more when they kept calling...didn't take it though.
  8. Jason David signs offer sheet with Saints

    Well, I was wondering what Colt fans would be saying about this guy...glad to hear you don't like it.
  9. New 3 round GBN mock

    I don't mind Ross...but DT 2 out of 3 rounds? Don't think so. I think Wr would be a good move in round two as well.
  10. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

    That would be mine too. No Michigan or Ohio State for a couple of years better have this team looking good again. If they can't make a record look good without those two on the schedule we are in trouble!
  11. I was on it earlier this morning now I get the "Unable to connect" message on both firefox and IE when trying to log into my accounts for gmail, home page, and Blogger. If not, anyone have any tips as to what may be the problem?
  12. Anyone having trouble logging in to Google today?

    it automatically just started working. I went in and looked at my firewall stuff but didn't change anything...odd.
  13. Anyone having trouble logging in to Google today?

    Buff wins the "Trying too hard to be funny" award for the day. I don't get it. I can't even send a HELP email message because I use gmail. I'll have to create an account somewhere else.
  14. Board Games

    Insurance Fraud (Lincoln Logs and matches...) Trivial Pursuit/Cranium
  15. 2007 New Orleans Saints schedule

    That first game better not be on NFL Network!
  16. Personal Trainers

    I was a trainer for quite some time so I will drop some comments here... The best will work with you on your goals...not what they think is in. They should however be able to implement overall fitness training without you questioning it. The place they are at does not attribute to their skills in many cases. A trainer at the YMCA can be just as if not more effective than the joe at Bally's. Good info here. Be careful with the fitness mags. Most of them are just masked supplement magazines. M&F has been around for years (and Weider is owner of several supplements that advertise in it) and has good info but about six months of back issues are about all you need. They will advertise they have "the new secret workout" but it isn't going to be anything that hasn't been done before. Weider actually has three mags (at least they used to) targeting different goals. Men's Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and Flex. (M&F and Flex have alot of the same content). I agree with you here. BULKY isn't going to just happen because you lift weights. It's very hard work for alot of people ( some people have the genes for it to be easy but it's under their control) and Nutrition is a HUGE part of it. I used to have to explain that to female clients all the Sounds like you already chose your trainer so I can't help you with that. Good luck!
  17. 5th graders arrested

    What's the big deal? Doesn't every school have orgy's break out between Social Studies and lunch?
  18. Chorizo

    I started using it a few years ago in my chili and have not stopped since. Not something your likely going to make a batch of by yourself though... Like rovers said, tacos. I like it in enchiladas. Chorizo would be good on cereal if you ask me.
  19. Grand Theft Auto 4

    Looks like a bunch of buildings to me.
  20. Must be lonely in Northern Wisconsin

    Coming from the guy with an avatar with a Bear being molested.
  21. did dominAK davis get married

    I thought it was people getting him and Mario Williams mixed up for quite a while.
  22. I was wondering if anyone heard Pat Kirwin talk about the Saints and Pats making a trade that would give the Pats the #27 pick? I have not been listening. Was curious if he explained this on air and what the Saints would get in return if it happened. LINK
  23. Vacation Cabins

    FBJ, I will get with you later on this. My cousin took his family to a cabin in NC over X-Mas a couple years ago. He loved it. They showed me pics online of the place, I will try and see if I can get the link for you.
  24. Rookies your team may be interested in drafting

    I don't see them going WR with the 1st pick although I would love to see them somehow end up with Johnson. Will this finally be the year they go LB or CB in the 1st?