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  1. 24

    I thought that with Tony in one of the earlier seasons. I was SHOCKED last night There is a MOLE IN CTU! That at least happens a couple times a season, doesn't it? Nothing more predictable on the show. One helluva HR screening they got there.
  2. Pay your speeding ticket

    Been trying to think of something to sell on Ebay...if there is a market for it...
  3. Your Top 5 Mock Drafts?

    What would you say your top 5 free mock draft sites are? I know SGT. Ryan has a huge list of links but I was curious what people thought stood out from the rest.
  4. Your Top 5 Mock Drafts?

    I was really surprised how long they went without updating that. I don't remember them ever going that long.
  5. SXSW 2007

    I miss being downthere. Had a blast last year at SXSW.
  6. Could be a very high price if they really wanted him. Bucs playing mind games with the Saints?
  7. Zip file question

    This is the place I seem to get better answers and easier than searching google. I made a menu bar for a website and had to save it as a zip file. Now that it is on my computer, how do I get it onto the webpage? I appreciate any help you can give me.
  8. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    LMAO! She has discovered online sweepstakes. Cuts into my online time.
  9. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    I'm going to have to forfit. I can't get in. I tried in both Firefox and IE and my computer freezes when I try to go in.
  10. Something I posted on one of my blogs...
  11. Rookies your team may be interested in drafting

    That's what I was thinking. how are they determining this? Will be interesting to see who they get right. Thanks for the post Rajn
  12. Julius Jones

    So day say rumor is that Julius Jones is being shopped I'll look for a link. Heard somewhere out of Philly was reporting it.
  13. PFT's "Turd Watch"

    They started this after the Super Bowl, going from the start of the "offseason" through the next Super Bowl.
  14. Michael Irvin Actually Made me think!

    The idea isn't the history of the's the idea of getting the most out of your career and the awarness of the greatness they can have in their position. Your taking this way too seriously. Half of this was joking around. For example, I don't think the Arena League is a bad thing. What was said caused me to think about how it may give them more appreciation for what they have been offered.
  15. Michael Irvin Actually Made me think!

    I'm impressed with the idea of what he said. I think I make it pretty much clear if you read the whole thing that I think he is an idiot. The idea is...never mind...
  16. Julius Jones

    Found this This is what I originally got... But I could not find anything on the Daily News site.
  17. gallbladder?

    My wife and mother in-law have both had them removed. Every pain I have they attribute to it being mine. Even the one in the ass they can be to me. Hope everything turns around for the better.
  18. Marshall 1/2 stack

    Great Deals at that site. I have used them for years back when I got it in print (I think they still send them to my mom's house) I don't buy anything for myself anymore but I bought my daughters first guitar from them.
  19. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    I'm waiting too
  20. Saints want to trade for DJax?

    KFFL was reporting this yesterday sighting The Times-Picayune but I could not find anything on the Pic site. Anyone else catch wind of this? I did a search but didn't see anything, sorry if posted.
  21. Saints want to trade for DJax?

    That's cool. Chemistry is a good focus. Thanks for the update.
  22. Best Time Zone

    After growing up in the Central I was totally messed up when I moved to Charlotte. I never did grasp that time zone change.
  23. Anyone know much about London?

    They were based out of LA in the 80's. Basically they served as a training school for rock stars....Nikki Sixx, Blackie Lawless, I think Traci Guns...many others played with them.
  24. Yahoo Pool Tournament

  25. Weinke is coming home-maybe.

    ...Chiefjay said as he bumps the post to hte top of the board...not letting it die...