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  1. New Sirius report

    Just heard that myself...can't find a link yet either.
  2. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    If you shoot me a PM when your available I will get an email. now, I may not see it until quite a bit
  3. msaint

    So you know msaint, I just got "Just Kick it" for my birthday. I sent the wife an email a loooong time ago saying I wanted it for Christmas. The worst gift giver that ever walked came through this morning. Looking forward to the read.
  4. msaint

    This crush of yours with Big John has gone far enough Buff.
  5. tj to the jets

    I read they were this year as well. Interesting
  6. Who Dat!

    NICE layout here...
  7. 50 states in 10 minutes?

    Apparently there are six states I can't spell.
  8. With the Arena season kicking off this weekend there are some names that NFL fans would recognize suiting up. Although it is common for alot of practice squad guys to give the Arena League a shot, some of these name surprised me. Here are some former NFL players that will be playing on the short field this year. Shaun King-Shaun King led the Tampa Bay Bucs to the NFC Championship in his rookie season in the NFL. now he is going to be playing for the Las Vegas Gladiators. Peter Warrick-4th overall pick in 2000 by the Bengals, Warrick joins King in Vegas. Lincoln Kennedy-Pro Bowl lineman surprised me when he signed to play with the Dallas Desperados. Troy Edwards-13the overall pick in 1999 by the Steelers, Edwards signed to play for the Grand Rapids Rampage. Adrian McPherson-He couldn't avoid a mascot on a full sized field and now is going to be on a smaller one. My first exposure to McPherson was when he was the rookie of the year with Indian a few years back. Now he is starting for the Austin Wranglers. Micheal Bishop-Not a big name in the NFL when he was a backup in New England but he is one of the premiere QB's in the Arena League. He returns to the Kansas area to play for the Kansas City Brigade.
  9. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    Let me know if you get a little time tonight Chuck. shoot a pm
  10. Former NFL Players suiting up in Arena League this weekend

    I think he was saying you are
  11. Former NFL Players suiting up in Arena League this weekend

    Your like 12 though, right? Lower...AF2, it's developmental league.
  12. For those that like the harder rock

    I'm a proud Uncle. Back when I was considered cool I inspired my nephew to take up guitar. The band he is in is racking up quite a following and they are getting a disc pressed now. Things are looking up for them. He plays guitar in the band (just turned 18). I'm more impressed with his playing than the singer...check them out. I was surprised he went this route because he plays a lot of classical...but the chicks don't dig
  13. For those that like the harder rock

    He started playing when he was 10. He will pursue it with or without these guys. I wish he would have went to school and played on the side. His more works a t a little private college where he could get tuition, maybe the baby coming he will still do that. As far as the one booked show, they just played one last wekend and are putting imte into the disk now. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  14. For those that like the harder rock

    at least it was with someone he has been with for more than a year...not a groupie.
  15. For those that like the harder rock

    Talked to him last night. At 18 he just found out he is having a baby (well his woman is). she vows it won't effect his music though.
  16. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    I'm not worried about it, just let me know. As long as we get done in time for the next round to start.
  17. YouTube Videos

    I can't look away...
  18. Yahoo Pool Tournament

  19. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    Shoot me a pm when you think you havea time. Some notice would be good if this evening because I will be battling the wife and daughter for time.
  20. James Farrior

    Any insight on his value for 2007?
  21. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    May want to layout a general rules post or start an official tourny thread.
  22. Yahoo Pool Tournament

    There was a link for it, for this or RISK. I used it for something to make a bracket. Anywa, Chuck let me know when your ready. Like above, best of five?
  23. For you momos that watch American Idol

    I don't think so either. But it's nice to think that it is.
  24. For you momos that watch American Idol

    sent...Don't open at work! (or around kids...)