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  1. Anyone up for a dynasty league

    Logged in-ready to go.
  2. Anyone up for a dynasty league

    If it stays out of the $100 range I'm for the Texans.
  3. Brees-Rivers

    I too watched alot of Rivers at NCS. fun guy to watch. It's a shame he has had to sit this long. I think he will do well in the NFL but it will likely set them back a year. It didn't hurt Cullpepper or McNair to sit.
  4. Scouts Inc mock draft

    On Sirius NFL radio they were talking about Sinorice Moss being perfect for the Steelers at WR if he falls. Considering they will likely lose Randell-El. The top 3/4 always stays the same. Who do you think will be the first media source to show something different?
  5. Drew Brees and Green Bay

    My opinion is that Favre needs to let this team know what his intentions are NOW. Until he does this team is not going to know who to sign or where to put the money.
  6. The USC Cheerleader photo

    LMAO! That is some good stuff. Classic.
  7. What do the Texans DO?

    granted, the games he missed are noway abnormal for a NFL RB but people are starting to raise questions about his durability. Does that mean Bush will be anymore injury free? Naw, the little fella will see his if he were a feature back. I don't tihnk they would get rid of DD right away and would let them split the load. Taking away from DD's risk with less carries and Bush in for game break time. Problem you spend a #1 pick on a guy that is goingt work part time? No. I agree with something said him up and trade it.