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  1. For you momos that watch American Idol

    Just seen a site that has alledged photos of her...ummmm...serving. It also has a bunch of the wet t-shirt shots. Seems there is more to it than I thought from the original pics. The ummmm shots may or may not be her but the others are.
  2. Firefox 2.0

    Something I used to have trouble with the old version was sometimes when I would shut it down and turn it on later I would get a message saying that it was already running and I would have to restart my computer have not had that one with 2.0 yet.
  3. NCAA School of Nicknames

    What a woman has the ability to do when reaching climax is her own business. Besides, not every woman has the ability to do this so why should a couple schools gals get to brag?
  4. ABC looking for a fantasy fooball family

    Not going to touch it. I knew this has to be a way for them to get that big, screaming, fire out the eyes, Bible thumper lady on the show again and she would end up at my house.
  5. Firefox 2.0

    Thanks guys. Ironic...It was an update. I have never had anything like that. Shortly after I posted the above I got a message saying that an updae was just done and now it is fine.
  6. Darrell Jackson to be traded?

    Where the Hawk fans that disputed this up and down a couple weeks ago?
  7. Calvin Johnson turns a 4.35 40

    That's what I was thinking.
  8. Firefox 2.0

    I down loaded this last night and it worked great until a couple hours ago. Now it's running slower than dial up. I don't know what is happening. It's so slow that I will be able to sit here for 15 seconds and watch it finish printing out what I typed. It just froze for about 3 minutes after I typed the last sentence. Anyone else have trouble or know what to do about it (right, clever comments entered here with your wit).
  9. great books

    To name a few for the Non-fiction. "Mind Hunter"-John Douglas, "Stranger Beside Me"-Ann Rule, "Underboss: Sammy the Bull Gravano's Story of Life in the Mafia"-Peter Maas, Currently reading "The Last Mafioso"-Ovid Demaris. For some lighter bathroom reading, depending on the music era your from, I enjoyed Motley Crue-The Dirt (no reason those guys should be alive) David Lee Roth and Gene Simmons autobiography's.
  10. The Official Darin Bachelor Party Thread

    I just had a flash of the bathroom kill scene in "Very Bad Things."
  11. YouTube Videos

    Classic take on World Hunger
  12. Corey Dillon Done

    According to the link above he is going to try and sign with someone else first.
  13. Corey Dillon Done

    Maybe NOT.
  14. CBS Mock for 2007

    Oh how the mighty have fallen... One before, one after Nate Kaeding...
  15. Kellen Winslow Jr. Update:

    He's a Warrior, he'll be back.
  16. Small School Sleepers

    It will be interesting to see if any of them pan out.
  17. American Idol

    I thougt those were the two best guys. was really shocked about Beat Box because that is allt hey really showed of him in the auditions. WOW! That has the Antonela chick 2nd! She sucked!
  18. American Idol

    She is okay to look at but she is going to get kicked off because she just stunk. Speaking of sticnk, it would be a shame to be kicked off because of a pic on the net with you on the crapper...
  19. Shaving the Bisquit

    I have a friend who slipped in the shower while... ..."grooming" a couple months ago. She had to go to the ER and get stiches. The DR. commented how it was a first for him...
  20. Saints plan to franchise Grant

  21. Computer Question

    This might sound stupid. I have noticed the last two days that the fan is running on the computer alot. Should I be concerned about this. I think I have narrowed it down to when my son is playing a certain game on Nick Jr. Is there cause for alarm?
  22. Bike Week

    A buddy of mine and I took off for Florida when we were 19. Ended up in Daytona and stayed three months unitil we ran out of money. We were there during the 500, Bike week, and Spring Break started with Canada kids coming down in early Feb. Good time Remember this real hottie in a very small bikini. I don't mind tattoos but she had barbed wire starting on here cheek and going around here body to one ankle...what a shame...
  23. Shaving the Bisquit


  25. Saints plan to franchise Grant