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  1. Funny, in a way, I see it as sort of the opposite.


    I don't think you should try to move Cobb because you're not going to get fair value for him. I recall the season that Olandis Gary was going off and I had him on my bench because I was stacked at RB. Nobody wanted him because he was Olandis-freaking-Gary, some no-name, who, of course, just so happened to be putting up 100yds plus a TD most games. He was producing as well as whomever I had that was supposed to be, but I couldn't get a sniff.


    So I traded one of my "studs" for a stud at a position I needed and just slid Gary into the starting line-up, not missing a beat. I would have taken less for Gary than I did for whatever dude I ended up moving, and that owner would have gotten a back who ended up doing just as well for a lower price.


    I guess my point is, Cobb's value is not going to be crazy high because everyone still thinks he's some fluke. Whether or not that's actually true.

    I actually did this with Reggie Bush this year. I picked Bush up off waivers WK1 and traded him for Andre Johnson the week after he went off. Johnson is not what he used to be, but he came in as my WR3 and Bush was never going to see my starting lineup at RB.

  2. Went against the grain in my draft ...went QB, WR, WR in first 3 rounds...picked him 5.05 as RB2...I hope he keeps it up! With that long run and as bad as Ware is on 3rd down...I hope DMart gets more work in those situations...TB needs to use him more in the screen game...ala Brian Westbrook...

    I grabbed him late like that as RB2 in all my leagues but one...but I had him on the bench in one this week too :smashpc: Shouldn't be problem, but you hate to see those points sitting.

  3. Collusion is an agreement between two or more persons, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage.


    You were sounding all legit n stuff until you cited wikipedia as a source. With that aside, collusion is the right name for it.

  4. Another team sent me a txt asking if I'd pick Tannehill.


    The reason he wants me to do this is his opponent has Shawn Hill (back up in Det) starting atm and Big Ben on the bye this week. With this being a 16 team league starting QBs are slim. Tannehill is the only start QB on the WW and by me picking him up and dropping Blaine Gabbert (it put him on Waivers til Thurs) His opponent doesn't have a starting QB for this week.


    The reason he wants me to make this move is the guy he's playing is the leader in my division and my back up is low end QB either way....


    This is shady to say the least, I'm debating about if I should make the move or not.


    Don't be "that guy" in the league. Stay away from it. I hate when people try to take advantage of the QB shortage in 16 team leagues, basically because they can't win with their own team. If there were two people in on it, I would that much more pissed. Ethically, it's not a league or owners I would choose to play with the following year.

  5. I recently saw the Huddle weekly projections, so I got curious. Who are you starting Tate over? I'm leaning Tate over Sproles and Ridley. To me, if the matchup is right, I'd rather get all the work from that backfield (despite the risk that the junior partner in this situation could end up doing very little).


    What about the rest of you? (And this isn't an advice question, more a curiosity of the perceived risk/reward of having your eggs in one basket. No need to tell me I should or shouldn't make that decision.)


    Depending on who else is on your roster, there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are scoring more points than you would have without doing it. Sure, it isn't a traditional ...but in the end it is just scoring the most points as possible.

  6. Tree......Romo loves him

    He loves him the third most on the team in regard to targets, and his two TDs were not so much about love, but he was wide open. I would start Burleson in your format, getting you a couple more points based on the .5 ppr. If you think that Ogletree has the better chance to score, than go for him.

  7. Speaking of hacking, someone tell the kids out there that sitting down at someone's computer who didn't log out of Facebook is not "hacking" their computer. You have to put out some effort to say you hacked something. This is an insult to the work that hackers everywhere put in every day.

  8. I don't know that Rob played such a great game as much as the little game that those around him played. It's like it never occurred to them that more than one person could not win.

  9. I dunno...In most leagues there are likely a few better fantasy QBs on the waiver wire than Sanchez too. I understand as a commish that even though the deal is not ground breaking it can be insulting to the intelligence of the commish.


    It's a little late now, but I would consider writing something into the rules next year about an owner that leaves players on byes in. Not that this is a ground breaking deal, but it does sound odd that a move would be made by someone that isn't managing their team otherwise.

  10. So I have been hit by another injury with Romo (recently lost Finley at TE but had Miller in the wings). League mate has Aaron Rodgers on the block and as recently as Saturday told me he has needs he wants to fill at RB and WR. He wanted Hillis the week I got him off waivers and i have a Hillis for Rodgers trade upright out there. He recently got Big Ben back and the Steeler homer he is will start him.


    SO here is the thing. If I have to part with a RB and WR, who would you give? I'm pretty good with depth so Roddy White is the only one really off limits. I have been happy with my Hicks and Floyd picks I got late. He may be interested in Fitz, but then which RB to go with him. I think he would be most interested in Hillis or Best. Don't think he would be interested in Spiller at all or I would move him.


    10 team PPR starting 1QB, 1RB, 1 RB/WR, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1DT AND K.



    Tony Romo*, Dal QB


    Jahvid Best, Det RB


    LeSean McCoy, Phi RB


    Peyton Hillis, Cle RB


    C.J. Spiller, Buf RB


    Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG RB


    Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB


    Roddy White, Atl WR


    Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR


    Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR


    Terrell Owens, Cin WR


    Malcom Floyd, SD WR


    Zach Miller, Oak TE


    Tony Moeaki, KC TE