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  1. Missing Persons Experience?

    So I call my mother back home this morning to wish her a Happy Easter. After the usual Chit Chat we get to talking about my brother who has not been seen or heard from in six years. It was always like him to be unreliable and pick up and take off but he usually always came back for a spell at my mothers. Since staying there one night six years ago in route to Minnesota we have not heard or seen of him. It really hit home this morning when my mother gave me a link to something that my sister posted HERE. When talking to the police they told my sister that they have had someone with that name and description that had been involved in an assault and was stabbed. I guess after talking with certain authorities she was able to track to a homeless shelter in Minneapolis he may be staying at. If it is him they say he is there almost on a daily basis. Because of confidentiality they won't do anymore than take a number they say they will give him. Anyway, my question is if anyone has had experience searching for someone and some resources they may have used. Any help would be appreciated and please no witty attempts at trying to be funny in this thread.
  2. well, this is different

  3. Hey FBJ, how things going?

  4. Hey FBJ, whazappening?

  5. Greatest American Rock Band

    I was thinking the same thing. They are not the greatest musicians (and they know that) but in the ealry 70's when they hit big it was all Brish bands coming over. KISS took off and kicked the rest of the world in nuts in the name of the America. The rest of the world was shown that American music was going to be a force to be reckoned with...whether it lasted or not. Anyway, nothing screams America more than Eddie's guitar. If someone would have told me Pearl Jam was from Sweden I would have believed them.
  6. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    Something that is missing here...which is the text messages on the other end. I have a little feeling that those were two way conversations and knowing a woman or two I'll bet she was not all polite and proper.
  7. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    Threads like this remind me I should come around more often.
  8. Which WR's would you cut?

    So I'm going to have to cut some WR's at final roster cuts. I'm looking at cutting 4 of these guys. I also have to figure out who is getting what contracts. This is in a 40 man IDP Dynasty. 1 pt per 10 yards, 6 per TD, 1/2 pt per reception I know these guys are safe... Owens, Terrell DAL WR -3 years Evans, Lee BUF WR 3 years Coles, Laveranues NYJ WR 2 years Jackson, Darrell SFO WR (Worried about the move to San Fran) 2years So I need to keep 2 of these guys. None of them have contracts yet. Which two would you keep? Booker, Marty MIA WR Bradley, Mark CHI WR Hackett, D.J. SEA WR Mason, Derrick BAL WR - Walter, Kevin HOU WR - Washington, Nate PIT WR
  9. Saints Logo

    I want to take this time to again all address all Steeler fans. The Saints helmet is what Black and Gold really looks like...
  10. Best Hosting Site

    Another vote for MFL. I moved all the leagues I commish (except a couple free leagues) there after the first year I used it. I have never seen anything more customizable.
  11. Which WR's would you cut?

    You start three with the option of starting one RB and starting four WR's. Everyone except the top four are FA pickups. I got thin at the end of the year and only had the top four WR's on my roster through the playoffs. If someone got hurt I woulda been screwed. I had to cut some before that to make room for other needed moves. Anyway, that is how I ended up with so many of these guys. I made sure I was going to have enough to choose from going into 2007. I may even keep three of those in question. The waiver wire right now is bare with Troy Brown and Marcus Robinson being the high guys from last season. Thanks guys!
  12. Which WR's would you cut?

    He is on my taxi Squad I ahve never said he was a sucker. He had a hell of a run last year at the end...until I squashed him in the playoffs on the road to the title
  13. What's burnin' a hole in your CD player / iPod / etc.

    My Kenny Wayne Sheppard channel on Pandora
  14. Okay MySpacers

    I going through on my computer this morning and deleting pictures and stuff when I found a folder that had a snap load of pictures in it and the little "add me" "favorite" type buttons on an MySpace contact table. Some of the pictures I recognize as pics used by spammers (Like when there will be the same pic requesting to be added to friends from three different names at the same time). I deleted the file and emptied the recysle bin so I can't find them to give more detail. Freaks me out. I can do with out the place, I have a page on there I never use but I have a page for a websie too. Makes me wonder. A couple weeks ago I found this pic of a couple girls laying together nekked in a file with some other stuff. I burned my daughter on that one because there were some of her pics in the file she uses on a profile. So, anyone have something like this happen?
  15. Okay MySpacers

    My daughter doesn't have a MySpace page but her and her friends use Bebo. I'm sure that the file I found with all the pics in it were from when I was on there. That was just weird. Spammer "profile" pics and even the buttons.
  16. two of the cutest girls around

    LMAO! Thank you!
  17. What does the guy that wins your league think? Go with that
  18. Trade Advice

    LMAO! Come on now FBJ, you know I'm good to help you out. Seriously though, I hated giving that team to him since it finished second last year and he is so cocky. BUT...he is in my division and I only have to beat you once so I don't mind seeing you improve. You cashed in on his homerism with Jackson I think.
  19. List of SPAMMERS

    Sometimes I think they are playing their own form of "RISK." At my board I was gone for a few days and I had some signing up with similar email address and all had the same URL...something about linen and Anyway, they had not posted and it seemed they were just trying to gain numbers to pounce when the signal was given. An old board I used to go to had that fate. I went back to check on something and it was a ghost town with nothing but those spam posts.
  20. This criminals name fits

    I just posted that off our local news site. Sorry, didn't see this first. I found it funny that they are talking about her getting three years when it isn't a felony in Iowa to chop up a body until the law goes through next month.
  21. My first call from a Huddler.

    I can't quit friggen laughing