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  1. Anyone seen I Like Soup

    Haven't seen the little guy around much lately. That or he has been staying out of trouble. Anyone need a stepladder?
  2. T-minus 48 hours

    You want for me to stomp twiley a new hole to drink with? I'll do it, even before your 6'5'', 225 lb frame and size 15 boot are done with him... let me at him.
  3. The airing of grievances

    Oh it's on like DOnkey Kong beeoottcchhh. Once Soup is done proving to you he is 6'5'' 255 of pure fury, I'll give you a size 15 enema. He's been spending some time in solitary.
  4. Oh it is on twiboy. Once Soup whoops you with his 6'5'' frame and size 15 boot, I'll be there to tear up the remaining shards of your lifeless body just to teach you a lesson. Then I'll teach twoobs a thing or two. You mess with the Soup, you mess with the STEPLADDER!!!!!!
  5. People talk lazy

    Ohhhh, it's on like donkey kong, beeeyotch. Once soup's 6'5'' frame is done tearing you apart, I'll be there to stomp you with my size 15 azzkicking boots. :stepsup:
  6. Help me pick last team for my division

    I agree with Footballjoe
  7. Las Vegas and WCOFF Week 2006.

    Okay twiley.. if that is your real name... that;s enough of that. SOup... Step is here to smack this foolio into his rightful place.. cowering at your size 16 boots. Just give me the word and it is STEPPING TIME.
  8. Murphy's Laws of Warfare

    Very good stuff... all true
  9. To You Huddlers Who Dont Want Kids

    You tell them brother. If you need backup... STEPLADDER is here.....
  10. Please Vote

    And I can help you get high enough to pick the drink up off of the bar.
  11. X-men question

    You want me to go pull a creeper around that house to see if I can find anything? My favorite X-men team: Jenna Jameson Jewel DeNyle Asia Carrera
  12. Why is this not more newsworthy?

    Need some help getting it back to the top of your bookshelf?
  13. New member #s

    Just call and I can knock out as many people as needed to get you there. Just say the word.... SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Mbenga suspended six games for going into stands

    Some one called for me? Soup, need a boost?
  15. I Like Soup Does Cali