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  1. Entourage Season 3 Finale and Season 4 teaser

    I've been watching this show and I love it! I dont like this new Bill Walsh character either!! SPANISH? Was Sundays episode the finale for a while? Or is it next week?
  2. Free Agency for Dynasty League

    I say drop Barber. The Tuna used him good, but im not sure if Phillips will. Chester = Hutchinson to run behind.
  3. Advice please

    These spamshirts
  4. Advice please

    Thanks for the responses! i try to be a man of my word so i'll continue with that and pay the man
  5. Advice please

    So i bought some "Authentic" spamshirts online from a dude on the west coast. Then i place some orders for my buddies and sell the spamshirts to them, maybe making 5-10 bucks. So i tell my west coast buddy to send me 2 more spamshirts to get rid of and i'll pay him for them when they sell. then my other buddy shows up with the same spamshirts im getting for 1/2 the price i paid. I tell west coast dude i'm not happy and to chalk up these 2 spamshirts he sent me @ no charge as we're now EVEN. He said he'll teach me a lesson in business and get his lawyer to send a "non payment" letter to my local credit places. Can he do this? I dont want my credit messed up as i'm just 24 reference - Questions - Do i owe this money? can he F up my credit because if i dont pay him? lil help..thanks in advance
  6. The ACC Tournament Thread

    Wow! what a first day to the tourney and Wake and GT haven't even tipped yet!! Gongrats Wolfpack and PD on your win! Great game and F Dook! VT
  7. VT

    I'm sure we'd like to see yall again also PD! Cross ur fingers!
  8. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    The Hokies are the same way johnsonk2. Can win at home verse anyone but can lose to anyone on the road Good to see VA teams around the top of the ACC tho!!!! See ya March 1st.. VT!!!!
  9. Pick a single football performance you would

    Baseball - Cal Ripken Jr the day he broke the record AND went yard Basketball - Any Va Tech player vs. Duke in '05? JJ's return to Blacksburg/VA Football - TO's 20+ catch day?? This was a hard one For just One Play - Jim Edmonds full extension catch, Darrell Green catchin' Dorsett up the sideline from the other side of the field?? Great thread! ! Alot of sports moments flashin' thru my mind
  10. VT

    How bout dem HOKIES????
  11. American Idol Debut

    Anyone catch the Miami girl singin' Shakira?? I missed it but my buddy said she was SMOKIN!!
  12. 24

    Another great 24 has started! I was shocked to see Jack have to shoot Curtis! Did everyone see the face Curtis made from the second he saw Hasaad?? He was cringing with hate!!! Same ol' Chloe! CTU director - " Can you look into that" Chloe- "You mean like i'm already doing!!" Karen Hayes' assistant or whatever he is is dirty!! And i thought Sandra Palmers BF was going to be corupt Not putting it passed him just yet! Where's Kim??? I mean 4 hours and no Elisha????
  13. 4th Annual HuddleBowl

    Congrats Junkyard!! <--- still kicking myself for going against BYU. Better luck next year
  14. Washington and Clinton Portis

    **RUMOR** Triple X Radio:Lions offer Dre Bly and 2nd overall pick for Portis
  15. Week 17 Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread

    Can someone explain Parlay and Progressive Parlay to me???