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  1. Colts Preseason Tix

    I have 2 seats available to the 8/20 Game against the Seahawks Aisle 302 Row 24 Seats 12 & 13 I have 4 seats available for the 9/1 game against the Bengals Aisle 302 Row 24 Seats 12 & 13 Aisle 302 Row 25 Seats 13 & 14 The face value on ecah ticket is $19. I am just looking to cover the cost of the tickets. If interested reply to this post or email me at jrick35@yahoo.com
  2. Sean Taylor

  3. Super Bowl Squares Third Contest

    Yeah I put your email address in the field you said to put it in. i have forwrded you the email that I got from the dice server. You can see your address in the cc address field of the email that I received.
  4. Super Bowl Squares Third Contest

    Ok, here we go...maybe I did it right this time. Roll them bones ... your dice are Roll 1: 669, 461, 141, 317 = 1588. Roll 2: 87, 261, 520, 595 = 1463. Roll 3: 330, 44, 22, 963 = 1359. Roll 4: 220, 733, 592, 710 = 2255.
  5. huddle super bowl square board

  6. huddle super bowl square board

    Can I get in on the squares?
  7. What do we know? We know Manning is a great QB. We know Edge is a great RB. We know that Indy has great WR's. We know that Indy's Defense was vastly improved over last year. We know that Vanderjagt is one of the most accurate kickers in NFL History. We also know that no matter how good a teams Skill Players are that if the O-line can not protect the Qb the team is going to be in trouble. In the last 5 games that Indy has played they have given up 16 sacks. That is more than 3 per game. That is too many. You must give the QB time to throw the ball. As far as not letting Manning call the plays I will admit that sometimes I disagree with his play calling but that is the case regardless of who is calling the plays but let's not forget, he was the one calling the plays while the Colts were starting the season 13-0 so he must be fairly good at it. As for waving off the punt team, I seem to remember them converting that 4th down so that worked out pretty good. And going for it on 4th down was the right thing to do in that situation. The simple truth is the Colts lost to the Steelers for one reason, their O-line was completed manhandled by the Steelers D-line, plain and simple. Pittsburgh's Offense was good but not spectacular, but their defense was awesome. As for what the Colts need to do, that is easy. Improve the protection of Manning and keep going.
  8. The Polamalu Interception

    This rule and any rule that is governed by the "making a football move" idea is ludicrous. But the call was correct, based on the writing of the rule. Possession is not granted until you have control of the ball and make a football move. Falling down is not "making a football move" but just lying on the ground is not making a football move either so just lying there wouldn't have made it an interception either. However had he just lied there until he was touched by an opposing player then he would have been granted possession of the ball because being touched by an opposing player would have made him down by contact which is a "football move". But instead of just lying there he did try to get up but prior to getting both knees off of the ground he did drop the ball so by definition he had not completed a football move. So, no interception. Now before I get all kinds of heck for this post understand this, I think it's a stupid rule. I would bet money that the ref's in that game yesterday think it is a stupid rule also but like Ursa said, the ref's job is to enforce the rules whether he likes them or not. So let's jump on the rule not the ref's. Now for the non-call on the False Start that was all on the ref's. Somebody moved and somebody should have gotten a penalty. From where I was sitting up in the nose bleed seats it looked to me like the Steelers had jumped and made contact with a Colts lineman causing him to jump so I think it was offsides on the Steelers. But in my mind the biggest blown call of the afternoon was when somebody on the Steelers sideline called a running play after the Steelers took over possession of the ball at the Colts 2 yd line after they sacked Peyton on 4th & 16. I was convinced that they were going to kneel down 3 times and then kick the FG to make it a 6 point game. They could have made the Colts use all of their timeout's and there would have been less than 1 minute left in the game. And why in the world, once the Colts did regain possession of the ball after the Bettis fumble did they not try and get closer to the Goal Line. They had all 3 Time outs and about 30 seconds left. They should have been more interested in the 1st down than the TD. But on 2nd & 3rd they went for the Endzone instead and I think that was a mistake.
  9. COlts Starters to play whole game

    I know exactly what you were saying, and I was giving my opinion which is that you are wrong. The Colts should NOT unnecessarily risk injury to their starters to pursue the 16-0 regular season record. They should give their starters some playing time each week to allow them to maintain their edge and keep their timing but that time should be for no more than 1 half of each of the remaining 3 games. I have this opinion because as a Colts fan I would gladly trade an undefeated regular season for an undefeated post season. Now if the Colts can limit the time that the starters play for the nxt 3 weeks and still finish 16-0 then GREAT. So long as they still don't lose a Post Season game because otherwise the 16-0 regular season doesn't mean crap.
  10. COlts Starters to play whole game

    Exactly. That's why right now the playoff record of the Tom Brady led NE Patriots is one of the most impressive records in NFL History. 9-0!! The Pats regular season record of 21 straight wins or whatever it is is nothing when compared to 9-0 in the Post Season.
  11. COlts Starters to play whole game

    Yes but it is common practice to play your starters less in whatever regular season games you have left once you have wrapped up homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. I agree that they need to see action every week but Dungy should limit their time on the field for the next 3 weeks regardless of whether they are winning or losing. Because if Manning or Harrison or Edge get hurt they won't win the Super Bowl. Or any of their starting o-linemen for that matter. Or Bob Sanders or June or Brackett or Simon on defense. If the Colts limit the time that the starters are on the field for the next 3 weeks then they will be limiting the opportunity for them to be injured and with the ultimate goal being the Super Bowl, leaving them in longer than necessary to try and get to 16-0 is a foolish, unnecessary risk to take.
  12. COlts Starters to play whole game

    Going 16-0 does not give them immortality. Going 19-0 does that. I have said it before the '72 Phins are proud of going 17-0. Not 14-0. If they had gone 14-0 in the Regular Season and 2-1 in the playoffs they would not be nearly as proud of that season as they are. Going 16-0 means nothing for the Colts unless they go 3-0 in the Post Season. It all comes down to the Super Bowl. And once you have clinched everything there is to clinch for the playoffs the way the Colts have then the smart thing to do is to not take too many chances with your stars. That being said, I think the starters should play in a part of each of the last 3 games. Maybe even the entire 1st half. That way they keep their timing and don't get rusty. But then in the 2nd half sit them and let the backups play. This way you can offer the starters a little protection and at the same time give the backups some experience should they need to be called on in the playoffs.
  13. Colts may be the best all around team...

    The biggest difference between this years Colts team and last years Colts team is the Defense. Let me say that again so you can be sure to get it. The biggest difference between this years Colts team and last years Colts team is the Defense. Manning knew his role last year just fine. And that role was to score fast and score often because with the defense the Colts had last year that's what their opponents were doing. Specific examples are plentiful but just look at the Green Bay game and the Titans game that were played in the RCA Dome. In the Green bay game Javon Walker had somewhere around 200 yds and 2 TDS and in the Titans game Billy Volek and Drew Bennet hooked up on 3 long TD's in the 1st quarter alone. Manning and the offense had to keep up with that scoring. And you can't keep up with scoring like that by running the ball. Look at the stats, last year Manning had something like 81 pass plays of 20 yds or longer and 13 of those were over 40 yds. This year the defense has really stepped up. They have consistently shut down their opponents offenses. Consequently the offense has become much more balanced and methodical. Manning knew last year that they had to score as many points as possible so they did. He also knows that this year they can take a more conservative ball control approach so they have. Consequently through the 1st 13 games this year he has only 45 plays of 20 yds or more and only 6 of those were 40 yds or longer. And Edge has seen an increase in carries and scores. Yet Manning's Passer rating isn't down much from last year. His rating last year was 121 and he is at 108 so far this year. So you're right Manning does know his role with them team but he knew that role last year and he has been pretty good in both roles.
  14. I like the head 2 head matchups. I have never played in a Total points league but I am sure I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I admit that some teams do get an advantage if the teams they play put up weak games but that is part of the game. In fact in one of my leagues this year I was like the 3rd highest scoring team but I missed the playoffs by one game. It seemed like every week the team I faced put up a huge score. So if I had gotten a little luckier in the matchups I may have made the playoffs. But in looking back I also noticed that I lost the regular season matchup between me and the team that I finished one game behind in the wild card race. And that was the week that I started the wrong kicker. I inadvertantly started a kicker that was on a bye that week. I lost by 14 points and the other kicker on my team actually put up 15 points that week. If I had not made that stupid mistake I would have won the gamne and that win would have put me in the playoffs. So it was actually bad coaching that made me miss the playoffs, not just the matchups.
  15. NFC Pro Bowl QB's

    I'm sorry when I say playing better as a team I took it for granted that everyone knew that meant they were playing better on offense, defense and special teams. I am not saying that Johnson is the only person playing well or better but I am saying that if he hadn't replaced Cpep at QB this season then the Vikings would not be making the run they are making right now. We have all seen one player come in and put a spark into an entire team and in the case of the Vikings that player, this year is Brad Johnson. And that spark might just take a team that was 2-5 after 7 games into the playoffs this season. Not even the spark that Gado has given the GB offense will accomplish that. Johnson gave this team the one thing it needed most, veteran leadership at the QB Position. I think the candidates for MVP so far this year should be Manning, Palmer and Johnson.