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  1. I love the hot asian avi's you always have. Haha... keep 'em coming.

  2. Kevin Jones

    I made the final decision to drop him today, and I actually feel pretty good about it too. At times he was a solid fantasy player for me, last year, but even then he was inconsistent.
  3. Kevin Jones

    Welp. That solves my question of whether or not to keep him in my 8 player keeper league. However, in terms of your drafting Jones at 9.07 (and I can keep 8 players w/ each player taking up a draft pick) and being in a 10 team versus 12 team league can make a pretty big difference. How many teams were in your draft?
  4. is it me or did something change ?

    You can say that again... very wild.
  5. NASA TV

    <--- I forgot to post this above, but here's the link to the original article where I found the live coverage from NASA's Mission Control link.
  6. The perfect thread

  7. NASA TV

    NASA TV - live From what I understand they are going to be live for the next couple of days. (or more) They are talking right now, but it may take a minute or so for the live video and audio to fully load. And you might have to click the Go button next to the NASATV Public Channel drop down box before it actually works properly. At least I had to.
  8. The perfect thread

    I will crush all opposing teams' in the 32 HomARRRRRRs league, leading the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl.
  9. Iraq

    Jul 1, 2001
  10. A face to the name of DMD

    Awesome. For the record, I gave the video a 5-star rating.
  11. Special Announcement: George Bush on Global Warming Drum roll.... The Landlord Bloopers... The Landlord Out Takes Just for fun... Will Ferrell as George Bush
  12. New Huddle Game

    Big John: Has my avatar ever been a different image aside from what it is right now?
  13. YouTube Videos

    I'm speechless.
  14. Iraq

    Listen to H8. See. Bushwacked, I can't clarify this any more than H8 did here. I think you are making some outrageous and unrelated arguments without realizing that I was only making a point.